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How I made my -Lightning Returns- boot armor

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I finished my Lightning Returns boots today!!
I took some progress photos throughout the process & thought it might be help others making armor out of craft foam. It's really lightweight & affordable! (cost me under $10
How I did it:

1:Cut a pattern out of paper.

2:Trace pattern onto craft foam & cut it out.

3:Use stove (or heat gun) to warm up foam so it's moldable for shaping.

4:Trace pattern on poster board or cardstock & glue it under the shaped foam to stabilize it.

Tip: if you need raised edges just hot glue on strips of foam.

5: Glue separate solid pieces together if necessary

6: Coat foam in clear craft glue & let dry.

7: Spray paint base coat (darker color)

8: Paint/detail desired color

9: Attach elastic, velcro, straps, ect.. in desired areas to make it wearable

10: Put it on & look like a badass! ;D
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So simple! Thank you! I'm trying to make Mileena's boots from Mortal Kombat for my cosplay in my own style (and on my budget). This is a huge help, thanks so much! :hug:
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Can I ask you how thick the foam was that you used for the project? 
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I'm later as hell, and i'm not the best at armor...
but i can tell you that craft foam is generally 2mm thick, if you're getting the sheets.
Sometimes craft foam is labelled "eva foam sheets" in some shops, but when cosplayers are talking about EVA foam, we're normally on about the floor mat kind.

Hope this helps in the future!
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How do you heat up foam with a stove?
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: Coat foam in clear craft glue
Could you please give more details on that? A link to such glue maybe? 
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I'm late in hoping out here, but hey! the more you know!

I've used tacky glue in the past on craft foam, many to prime AND seal, but the downside is that tacky glue normally drys shiny.
But you may or may not have heard of Mod Podge, right? Mod Podge can be used the same way that tacky glue can, but you can get different varieties of it! So you can get the Gloss one or the Matte one!

Hope this helps out in the future!
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Where do you get your craft foam
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How did you get this beautiful glossy effect? Did you use some kind of varnish?

It looks awesome! Congrats! Love 
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I used martha stewart high gloss that I got from Michael's crafts!
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The end result is really awesome. How durable would you say it is? I've used regular school glue to make my armor pieces more durable, but I think I might switch to craft glue instead. Also did you use any special paint to have it look so glossy afterwards?
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number 6. does the glue harden the foam and makes it more durable? and what type of name brand and glue is it? is there a website?
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Sorry!  One more question.  What did you use to glue the elastic bands to the knee armor?  And did you glue the lower knee armor together  (the 3 pieces)
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Last question -- Did you actually glue the craft foam onto the front of boots?   Thanks sweetie!
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Oi! No I didn't, they are $300 boots I got as a gift. If they are cheaper I would have, but I just glued elastic to the craft foam
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Wow!  $300 boots?  I wouldn't glue over them either!
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Also, what did you use to wrap it around your legs?  Elastic bands with velcro on the ends?
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Just elastic bands, & i'm not a fan of velcrow cause it's noisy & comes undone easily
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AWESOME!  What mm foam did you use?  
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Just the regular sheets of craft foam you can get at walmart of michaels crafts
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Thanks.  I think I'll use 2mm to go over the shoes and 3 or 6mm for the knee armor.
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This is helpful as hell ;u; thank you!
Raven (she's a mutual friend of ours!) is actually going to help me make Bunny's Hero Suit from Tiger & Bunny! So I want all the tips and tricks I can get ^^ 
AlysonTabbitha's avatar
I'm so glad this was helpful! I can't wait to see it, hopefully we can all go to a con together someday :)
causeallidoisdance's avatar
Yeah! I wanted to meet you at Mega con but.. mega con. And Raven talks about the airsoft gun place a lot and I've been wanting to go ever since she talked about it x_x
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