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Wow it's been years since I last did a tag. And I don't think I'm gonna be doing one for a long time.

  •  1. How long have you been drawing? 
Hmm!! For a really long time actually, but I started seriously around 2012.
  •  2. What do you use to draw with?
I use SAI and PS!
  •  3. Do you use a computer, a tablet (iPad, etc), or a phone to draw with? 
I can draw with a phone but I use a tower computer to draw.
  •  4. Do you have a graphics tablet? Yes or no? 
Yep! Intuos pen & touch small
  •  5.  Do have a main OC? If so then what is its name? 
Yessir, his name is Alyrine and he's what I like to call a "Silver Augmented Wolf" XD
  •  6. Who is your favourite artist/artists?
Most of my buds! Plus some too many to mention.
  •  7. What do you think about your art? 
I'm actually still struggling with a come comfortable style, one that I can keep drawing without getting an art block but I think I'm pretty decent!
  •  8. Do you prefer digital art or traditional art? 
I wanna say traditional since it's so much more fluent to me but digital has too many perks lol
  •  9. What does your main OC remind you of? (It could be any character like from games, movies, TV shows, etc.) 
I guess he reminds me of Robin from Fire Emblem Awakening
  •  10. Does your style remind you of someone else's style? If so then who?
I don't think I've found someone with my style!
  •  11.  If you were to be a different artist, which artist would you like to be? 
I'm pretty okay with myself!
  •  12. What's at least one thing you dislike about your art? 
I'm such a perfectionist, not leaving space for mistakes.
  •  13. What's at least one thing you like about your art? 
(been thinking for 10 minutes) Gahhh Idk!
  •  14.  What is one thing that keeps you inspired to keep drawing?
Music, and a creative circle of friends!

Tagged by a good friend of mine! :iconthetropiclans:
  • Listening to: O Dieve - Tree of Savior



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