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hmm so this was intended to be a quick speed painting but once again i got sucked in and ended up spending longer than id have liked too on it but ahh well


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Beautiful use of colors and lighting!
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excellent illumination, enchanting
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Amazing! Could I use one of your images for a backdrop for a photo shoot I did recently? I will be submitting my images to magazines but there is no profit and I would give you credit :) Thanks so much!
Your use of light is just so compelling! This is absolutely beautiful!
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=) Nice artwork. =)
MinaminoShuuichi's avatar
amazing tones of blue and lighting effects :aww:
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I absolutely LOVE this one, the different values, and the light green leaves growing next to the steps add a very crisp touch to it, and so in my art class we were asked to find a landscape we wanted to try replicating, and i was wondering if you would allow me to use yours....
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This is incredible and so real
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Hello! This person has posted your image as stock and claims it:…

deviantART considers reports only made by the actual copyright holder; so other copyrights infringement reports made by other people only overwhelms the help desk.

That is why I wanted to let you know instead of reporting myself.

Art thef? Don't Panic.
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I found this from the person who stole your art. >.> I guess the only good thing out of it if any is that I found a new person to watch. ^.^ Love the work! I could picture this as a scene in LotR or Eragon or something. 
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Beautifully done! love the colours and the sense of space here! totally sorry that it got stolen- that rotter. 
But I;m glad I can give the credit to the actual owner now.
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I love the contrast on this. Sorry this got stolen, but I'm glad I found this.
KanonKokoa's avatar
Really beautiful!!!
ArtofTreasure99's avatar
I'm gonna die...this is too good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I'm kind of in love  with this! *Swoon*
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This is very pretty
Love the use of some green in so much blue
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Wow, this is beautiful! Instant fave.
michaelhardcore13's avatar

Glad you stuck with it, greatness has a mind of its own!

 :happybounce: :happybounce: :happybounce: Love 

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