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August 13, 2004
The sheer volume of notes I got about this piece made it impossible not to feature it. This is one from the people.... The Fate of Atlantis by *alyn
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The Fate of Atlantis

There once existed an island nation located in the middle of the Atlantic ocean populated by a noble and powerful race. The people of this land possessed great wealth thanks to the natural resources found throughout their island. The island was a center for trade and commerce. The rulers of this land held sway over the people and land of their own island and well into Europe and Africa.

This was the island of Atlantis.

For generations the Atlanteans lived simple, virtuous lives. But slowly they began to change. Greed and power began to corrupt them. When Zeus saw the immorality of the Atlanteans he gathered the other gods to determine a suitable punishment. Soon, in one violent surge it was gone. The island of Atlantis, its people, and its memory were swallowed by the sea.


The year 2173 was a happy year for the exiles from earth, as they discovered a nearby drifting planet, now named Atlantis. Set to be the new "perfect world" for priveledged members of Earth to inhabit, cultivate, and populate. However, with an air of arrogance amongst the new dwellers of Atlantis, they shunned their previous home, becoming spoilt with their new luxuries, yet never content. Whilst they contained the same breed of people, Atlantis and Earth drifted further apart as the attitudes of the Atlanteans worsened.

In the year 2327, near a century and a half since the successful mission " icarus's wish", a tragedy was to happen to both the inhabitants of earth, and it's exiles now dwelling on the discovered planet "Atlantis". Some considerable light years away, an unseen event of a star going supernova occured. A blast of unparalleled proportions swept through time and space, only now beginning to reach the quadrant where Earth and Atlantis were. Whilst both worlds knew time was short, the people dwelling on earth gathered by to watch a spectacular display of destruction, as the corrupted world of Atlantis succumbed to it's fate.


So this is "Icarus part 2" as my watchers would know it. The story is above (in keeping with the greek myth theme). A similar timescale to icarus's wish (in excess of 100hours), plenty of layers in the making, and many hungry evenings where i get too distracted creating to remember to eat.

But anyway, thanks are in order. Firstly to ~psamtik who gave me the idea of a supernova. Whilst i initially set that aside, accidents with my nebulae occured that soon brought it back. Thanks muchly to him.
Secondly to ~DigitalPlazma who kicked my arse a bit and got me to fix a few final details before submitting.

With regards to the supernova. Yes i know it doesn't look strictly like one. I've done my research and i've had my pointers. But at the same time i often prefer to do my interpretation of things, this is such a time.

Bleugh, anyway, not sure what else to say, i will come back if i need to though. Nothing much else to say except, enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Full view PLEASE.

I will be uploading a LARGER VERSION in my scraps shortly (it will be watermarked). This is so you can appreciate the full detail, but for the time being (and bearing in mind the slowness of the DA servers on occasion) enjoy this smaller but still sizeable view.


DD - wow, thanks to anyone who suggested it (i gather there were more than one) - you've REALLY made my day because it's an award i didn't think i'd get again.
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