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Space VS Terragen - REVELATION

So here it is, no fancy lyrics this time, straight into the description.

You should remember the collab naithin and i had recently. Our first dtf, and a somewhat unique piece on deviantart pitting terragen against space art. The support from that was uplifting to both of us, and we have another collab coming soon. But aside from that, i finished my render, and i got quickly bored, so i took it upon myself to try space art. Taking the image [link] << " the origin" - i'v made my first ever space art piece. The only help used is from a planet reference found at deviantart. If the owner sees this, note me and i'l give you credit, but since the search feature is down i lost the link sorry. However even this was extensively modified to suit the picture :). No plugins were used - all made in ps6, all my own work. Now compared to naithins work, this is very amateurish, and anyone i've shown this to knows how nervous i am about submitting this, worrying about whether it'll stand up to the previous dtf collab. So i hope it does... would be a big boost :) and depending on the success of the image, i may make ANOTHER.

Ok, so the image. First, the bottom render is from the origin, which i re-rendered and altered, patched up some mistakes from the original. I then made the space section, trying carefully to make the best transition between the two possible, which took a lot of my time. The colours should fit well too... i hope they do.

Anyway, all i ask is that you enjoy the image, and hopefully offer some nice support/crits for me :) i took a lot of time over this. I CANNOT offer it for print sorry, as i do not have an account, and my card isn't accepted by paypal or any other system DeviantArt allows, so unfortunately, unless gifted - you cannot obtain a print of this. I'm just a skint 16 year old doing what he enjoys ;)

So yeah, as always, comments and definately fav's appreciated :)


image stats ::

- Total render time = 9 hours (split up between 4 renders)
- Pre processing work on render = 2 hours
- Post processing on render = 4hours
- Space section = 11hours
- Total = 26hours (spread over 2 days (+time of original render))
- Planet ref = [link]


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