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Mother Warfare

By alyn
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So imagine this scenario.

Mother Nature (hence the name) is rather pissed off at the world. Having already caused some odd irregularities in the landscape, her next move is to ravage earth with a second Noah's Ark situation to wash out the impurities. The moon mocks the planet in safety from above. I hope you packed your swimming trunks.

Lovingly created for the war pack. It's officially a crime to miss out on the entirety of the releases in the pack.

Tech stuff? About three weeks, lots of painting in this one. You can see the original render Here. Forgotten the original resolution, but big enough for print. Sorry for the delay, but most of all, enjoy another piece of my mind.

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cannot describe the awesomness......wait, I just did =D
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Beautiful art work :)
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I was just wondering if I'm able to use part of this artwork as an album cover. please let me know asap. I would love to hear from you.
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this is wonderful, what exactly did you do to create it?
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Awesome!!!! Great idea great substructure
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a-mazing... i'm in love...
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Wonderful! Probably needs to happen soon.
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Foamy the Squirrel: "The :earth: will kill us long before we kill it."
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You are my new idol.

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Absolutely stunning. Wonderful work.
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master piece. Beautiful and powerful
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thats just epic
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Very nice work especially when you look at the original render :+fav:
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Great theme and awesome creation! Keep it up!
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Loving the concept here. Execution is pretty good too.
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all of your art is amazing.
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That's really good!
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