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Icarus's Wish

Daedalus and Icarus were an Athenian craftsman and his son. They were exiled in Crete after Daedalus murdered his apprentice whose skill was greater than his master's. When the father and son were imprisoned by the king of Crete, the inventor made wings from feathers and wax so that he and his son could escape by flying away. Despite his father's warnings, Icarus flew too close the sun. The wax in his wings melted and he perished while his father flew to safety.

In the year 2173, mans' desire to escape the boundaries of earth remains forever strong, and by this time he has acquired sufficient technology and resources to make this dream a reality. So in rememberance of Icarus, they named the project "Icarus's Wish" - whereby they would launch a series of manned missions to the outer-space and beyond, searching for freedom from earth.


This piece took well beyond 100hours, trying, undoing, retrying, failing, then succeeding. I learnt a lot, the planet itself took well over 30 hours, the concept came later however it's one i'm in love with. The terragen render, simple, yet fitting, plenty of depth to it, plenty of emotion.

This piece showcases what i have achieved to date. To celebrate one full year of being a deviant artists here, and to celebrate one more year to come.

To everyone who's helped me, thank you.

Nothing more to say, i made this piece using good old terragen and photoshop. Excess of 200 layers used.

I hope you enjoy it, that's all i can hope for.

And please full view


IF you wish to see this piece of art in the full detail (twice the size), then check the following link [link] << It's a scrap showing the 100% detail (although watermarked for protection)
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