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This might well be one of my last images for a while. At least as far as terraspace goes.  I had the ultimate motivation to do my best.

There was a lot of "back to basics" work here. Designing the terrain was the hardest part, and getting anything remotely looking like a heart-shaped ox-bow lake is a challenge when you want it to have any natural feel to it. There were 10 individual renders stitched together in total, I may submit them all to my scraps at some point. I wanted to push the depth factor as much as possible too, so there's a fair bit of foreground element. There's an insane number of concepts in this that may mean nothing to some, but something to others... but for me it's just one of my best.

Thanks to various stock websites including imageafter and morguefile for reference stocks, came in handy especially for getting the scenarics right, and doing the balloons too of course.
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Might have commented on this before, but shit dude, never noticed the porcupine tree lyrics.  Rock on bro!
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absolutely beautiful, great work! *favourites*
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You should definitely make a quick tutorial on your techniques when you have some spare time!
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How do you even go about.... starting something like this?
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OMG...dude, you are sooo talent!
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I can't stop looking at this..GREAT WORK!
hahaha This is gods view right here!
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Awesome as always. Thanks again for sharing your aspirations. May God Bless!
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can i use this for my icon
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great picture, and I am also a fan of porcupine tree. :)
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I don't even know what to say, but this picture is utterly amazing.
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cul :D
definatly a fav XD
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BY GOD, I love your stuff.
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Wonderful, and very expressive.
It's the best kind of prints I would like to have in my house. They make you dream just if you look at at the first time.

Great work!
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Seeing your amazing pieces, including this one, made me realize;
I want to fly.
It's opened up a whole new world to me, and I want to thank you for that. Thank you, Alyn. Thank you so much. :)
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Really beautiful <3
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ahh, superrrr. :love:
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