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Collab - Ain Soph Aur

By alyn
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A collaboration with garcia :) this is somewhat of a role reversal for me since i'm NOT doing the terragen for it :O.

garcia handled the terragen scenery, he's always been a terragen artist i look up to, his scenes always having that awesome sense of realism about them, when asked for a collab i couldn't resist. So check out this kick ass piece of work he's churned out here :)

Don't forget to check his gallery!! and Add him to devwatch!!!. Trust me, his terragen renders make it worthwhile ;)

As far as space goes, that's 100% me. I handled space, transition, and some postwork and presentation :) i lost inspiration halfway through but found my way again later with that big chunky planet that i made for a bit of practice :). But yeah, usual alyn, usual garcia combined to make something special ;)

Comments and fav's are good ;) full view is a MUST!!!. Prints may come if i obtain garcia's permission.

Ain soph aur means limitless light, a reference to the creation of earth, genesis, heaven and etc. Just to give an idea :)
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