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This section includes 2 of my favorite genres, Mecha and Yuri. The Yuri section is down at the bottom. I consider it to be the most important genre, so I saved it for last.

(Idol anime)

These anime revolve around the main cast being musicians of some sort - singers, intsturments or whatnot. Usually from the forming of the group, up through competing with other groups and such. Most of them have a female cast and thus also fall under moe.

Zombieland Saga

- Only watched a bit, but enjoying it so far. I'd rather not say more lest I spoil.

Love Live! School Idol Project

- I think this one is considered the most popular of the idol anime. I havnt seen it.


- The first in the most recent re-awakening/imagining of idol anime, it focuses more on the moe than the music but its pretty popular.

(Mecha anime)

Its all about the giant person-controlled robots (well, mecha - technically robots are autonomous). Most mecha anime are quite old, as its been a down-trend the last decade or so.


- In north america it was rebranded as Robotech. It might be primarily a mecha anime but its also literally the first Idol anime. More recent enteries into the series focus more on the idols than the mecha, sadly.

Darling in the FranXX

- I really enjoyed this one, but it became a bit of a dumpster fire after episode 14 or 15. The ending was weird and crazy - I liked it, but most didnt. From the 20-teens

Code Geas

- Havnt yet seen it, but its high on my list to check out. Very highly rated. From the mid 2000s.

SSSS Gridman

- Like Code Geas, I havnt seen it but its high on my list. Also includes some yuri Very new

Full Metal Panic

- Mecha plus high school drama. Kinda weird, but pretty decent

Neon Genesis Evangelion

- considered one of the top must-see classics. Netflix re-dubbed it I dont know if its good or not. The original is a favorite of mine htough, but its also kinda weird with some religious subtext

Gurren Lagann

- Highly rated, it kinda becomes a bit silly near the end. From the same people who made DArling in the FranXX (Gainax, known for crazy shit)

Fang of the Sun Dougram

- Ok maybe not among the best mecha anime, esp since its from the early early 80s, but it was incredibly influential and may also be one of the best overall military anime as well.


I saved the best catagory for last. My favorite genre, Yur is quite literally lesbian romance. Now because its not always super-popular (most anime watches are males from about aged 14-30) it is often written with more subtext on the wLw aspect, but dont let that fool you.

Sakura Trick**

- A bit on the cutesy side to some, I think its incredibly sweet. I kinda discount the second half of the last episode as being a bit nonsensical. Haruka and Yuu are one of my favorite couples.

Release the Spyce**

- A goofy, fun, high energy action romp featuring a group of highly trained ninja-spy-highschool girls (cause, of course, anime!) fighting against a very 80s-cartoon-villain organization. Think Cobra, but less snakey and more stealthy. Two of the couples are fairly obvious (Mei/Fuu, Goe/Hatsumi) but don't discount Momo/Yuki. Unfortunately this is one of the more subtexty ones, wiht not much more than hugging/handholding/proclamations of love/adoration. Not even any kissing sadly. But still a great series, and one Ive watched quite a few times.

Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight*

- This one is a little more subtexty as well (though, I think there is an out-of-the-closet couple in the second half) but the story is pretty amazing. Lots of music (and STAGE MUSICALS), but mixed in with some romance, some school-stuffs, and some Princess-Bride-Fencing-Type action. AMazing show with an amazing soundtrack. Dont mind the psychic giraffe.

Asagao to Kase-san**

- Definitely more explicitely yuri. the two are a dating couple. Its short, barely an hour long. The manga runs something like 40 chapters (and even includes sex), but the anime OVA is still really lovely.

Yuri Kuma Arashi*

- Literally Lesbian Bear storm. Incredibly weird and hard to follow, with all sorts of crazy stuff happening. has a very sad ending but there is no doubt it is also a great romance


- Combines yuri with mecha, though there is a bit of queerbaityness in the main character. However, many of the supporting cast are expressively wLw, with even a few sex scenes

Candy Boy*

- No boys here! Occasionally feels subtexty but its also hard to deny that the main couple is a couple. That being said, they're also twin sisters, so.. may or may not be for you.


- This one is often derided for being 'incest yuri', but that is incredibly misleading. The main couple (Yuzu and Mei) yes, are step-sisters. BUT they didnt meet until they were both 16 when their parents remarried each other. It would be more accurate to call them room-mates than step-sisters (though, Yuzu harps on their familiar connection a lot which is a bit annoying). Only covers the first 16 chapters of a 41 chapter manga and is unlikely to get more seasons, as its ratings were very mixed. The show is *incredibly* melodramatic, at times seeming so just for the sake of being so. And that contributed to the lower ratings. But overall the series is great when you factor in the manga. ALSO. There is an utterly AMAZING Fanfic for the series, called 'Uncomfortable Truths' that is a divergent timeline after chapter 36 that is *far far* better than the source material. If you decide to check out the manga you owe it to yourself to read the fanfic and make it headcanon

Yagate Kimi ni Naru (aka Bloom Into You)

- So I left Yuri, the best category for last. And I'm leaving YagaKimi, the best yuri anime, for Last. Literally the Best of the Best. I've watched the series 17 times, I've read through the manga 6 times, and I'm writing a fanfiction. The story is amazing, at times painful and heart-wrenching, forcing people to think about what relationships mean, what love means. Its also beautiful though, with so many sweet moments and a very happy ending. Nakatani-sensei is a bit of genius for her writing.

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