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EDIT: Two things. First, fixed a broken link (Suki, itai no kotoba de?), and second: I've decided to bump 'Asu e no tobira' and 'Hoshi no Dialogue'to Honorable Mention, and promote 'Wonchu Kiss me' and 'Only my Railgun' to Top-12.

Plus, I found a sweet cover of Railgun, by Poppin' Party (the main cast band from BanG Dream!) :D

Why top-12? So I can one-up the Nostalgia Critic! <3

Alright! My first top-12 actually posted somewhere thats not Discord or Facebook! No guarantee it will allow more people to see it, but at least I'll be able to find it ;)

These are all songs, ie pieces of music with lyrics, from anime. All of them are an OP or ED, and I made a point for each to include which anime its from. I also did my best to make sure I could credit the writer and/or performer where possible. I'm also including links to each song on Youtube - no guarantee that the link will work in a particular region, as I've learned. At the very least they'll work in Canada. One additional thing to note, links to will have an annoying pop-up if you're using an ad-blocker - I like this site though because it usually has the lyrics in english, romaji and kanji and you can even have them displayed side by side.

This is an update/revision of a list I posted to Facebook last year (around 7 months ago). Most of the list is the same, I think 3 or 4 new songs and some that moves places. I'm going to try and focus primarily on the songs rather than the anime itself, so that I can leave the latter for a future list!

12 - "Asu e no Tobira"

("The Door Into Tomorrow")

Performed by Takahashi Minami and Sakura Ayane

Source: Asagao to Kase-san OVA (Ending)

A really pretty duet between the feature couple in this OVA, Yamada Yui and Kase Tomoka that really fits the anime well - by that I mean, it feels like the music and lyrics compliment the art style and colour palette used. Also, it usually brings a few tears to my eyes!


Full Version:

or alternately:

11 - "Supatto! Spy & Spice"

Performed by the members of Tsukikage (as voiced by: Anzai Yukari, Numakura Manami,

Suzaki Aya, Fujita Akane, Uchida Aya, Noguchi Yuri )

Source: Release the Spyce (Opening)

Very high energy pop song, and the full-length version is surprisingly long. Tsukikage is the organization that the main cast belong to. Fun to sing along to, though the quickness can make proper pronunciation difficult (for me at least).


OP Version:

Full-length Version:

10 - "Hoshi no dialogue"

Performed by: Starlight kuku-gumi (I think this is the series main cast?)

Source: Shoujo*Kageki Revue Starlight (Opening)

Much like the anime itself, this opening song starts off slow but really ramps things up into an energetic spectacle that matches the theme and visuals of the series.


OP Version:

(The above version uses spanish subtitles, I couldn't find one with english subs)

Full-Length version:

09 - "Hikaru Nara"

("If it Shines")

Performed by: Goose House

Source: Your Lie in April

This is the only song on the list from a series that I have not (YET) watched; I know of it because its featured on a lot of 'top anime song' lists, and its utterly beautiful. One of the reasons why I havn't watched Your Lie in April yet is because I know its one of those series that has a lot of sad/very sad moments, and I dont think my soul can take that right now.


OP Version:

Full-length Version:

Bonus Version:

An english cover version by 'S.B.R.M.P.N.Y.' which I believe is a Youtube collaboration group.

08 - " Zankoku na Tenshi no TE-ZE"

("A Cruel Angel's Thesis")

Performed by: Takahashi Yoko

Source: Neon Genesis Evangelion (Opening)

This might be one of the most famous and well-known anime songs around, from one of the most famous (if weird) anime ever. Energetic, perhaps a little intimidating, incredibly catchy - its extremely difficult to not sing along with it if you here it!


OP Version:

Full-Length Version:

Bonus Version:

An english cover by AmaLee!

07 - "The Other Side of the Wall"

Performed by: Void_Chords feat.MARU

Source: Princess Principal (Opening)

A really cool (do people still say 'cool'?) anime that I will touch on in my Favorite Anime list: the world building in it is really great. The song itself feels like its being sung from the perspective of the main protagonist 'Ange', which hopefully will be evident when (not if..) you dear reader check out the series <3


OP Version:

Full-length Version:

06 - "Y'Know"

Performed by: Sudou Akira/SEKIRIA

Source: Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040 (Opening)

BGC was my favorite anime for a long time, and the OP to it is a really great rock piece; some of the words used are Katakana pronounced (I think thats the best way to refer?) english words, which can be a little confusing at first.


OP Version:

Full-length Verison:

05 - "Uchuu Senkan YAMATO"

Performed by: Sasaki Isao

Source: Uchuu Senkan YAMATO (better known in the west as Star Blazers) (Opening)

Powerful, inspiring and mythical, this piece performed by the legendary Sasaki Isao is pretty well known, particularly in Japan, where he'll perform songs he's sung for anime in concert. Would love to see this one performed live.


OP Version (Original, 1974):

OP Version (Uchuu Senkan YAMATA 2199, more recent):

Full-length Version:

(Teeeechnically a slightly shorter than full length version, but its Sasaki Isao in concert!)

04 - "Kimi ni Furete"

Performed by: Azuna Riko

Source: Yagate Kimi ni Naru (or "Bloom Into You") (ED episode 1, OP episodes 2-12)

Ok so.. yeah. This was the #1 song in my original list from 2019, but I decided to slide it back to 4th. Dont take that as my loving it any less, just that I've found that I just love Hectopascal (below) so much more. The other two Bloom songs on my list are duets sung by the main couple, so I feel that elevates them a little over this piece. Its still beautiful though, and like "Asu e no Tobira" it always brings a few years to my eyes.


OP Version:

Full-length Version:

03 - "Suki, Igai no Kotoba de?"

("With no Words Other than Love")

Performed by: Takada Yuki and Kotobuki Minako

Source: Yagate Kimi ni Naru (or "Bloom Into You") (ED episode 13)

Ok so, just *thinking* about this song is enough to cause tears to well up, and I have to keep kleenex handy when I listen to it. A gorgeous duet between Koito Yuu and Nanami Touko towards the end of their date to close out episode 13, it perfectly represents the changing in their relationship and how Yuu is coming to realize her feelings. The link to the lyrics looks crazy long, but it works - all the extra stuff in the second half are I guess whatever info is needed for the kanji in the link.



Full-length Version:

(Note: The song is only heard once in the series, so there is only the one version - unfortunately its NOT the clip from episode 13, instead the song from the Hectopascal CD single with a still image. Getting the actual clip would require video editing work on my part)

02 - "The Hero!! (Ikareru Ken ni Hono o Tsukero)"

Performed by: JAM Project

Source: One Punch Man

OK I'm going to make a confession here: I like 'Suki, Igai no Kotoba de?' better than this song, but its super SUPER close and I decided to wanted to split up the two romance songs with something very different so to give your hearts and souls a brief rest. This song is incredibly energetic, just as the anime is, fast and a little wild. Believe it or not, despite having watched anime for over 30 years, this song is the first one I sat down and spent heavy effort into learning to sing along with it, even going so far as to slow it down so I can better understand pronunciations and inflections. I'm not an expert, but I think I can hold my own :)


OP Version:

Full-length Version:

Honorable Mentions

Yeah, I'm doing some honorable mentions! This was surprisingly difficult for me to cut down to just 7. I probably should have cut it down to 5, but it was tough enough and I have no willpower.

"Rise" (Bloom Into You ep 9, Azuna Riko) -

"Otome-domo yo" (O Maidens in Your Savage Season) -

"Moonlight Densetsu" (Performed by DALI, Sailor Moon OP) -

"Won(*3*)Chu KissMe!" (Performed by Sakura Trick cast, OP) -

(I'll note, Im not 100% sure I got the title correctly on that last one)

"only my railgun" (Performed by fripSide, Toaru Kagaku no Railgun OP1) -

"Ultra-relax" (Performed by Sinohara Tomoe, S2 OP from Kodocha) -

(There is a full version of Ultra-Relax that is pretty glorious: )

"Konya wa harike-n" (or sometimes listed as Hurricane) (Performed by Oomori Kinuko, Bubblegum Crisis OVA EP 1 OP) -

And now, the Number One... I'm sure you all know what is coming...

01 - "Hectopascal"

Performed by: Takada Yuki and Kotobuki Minako

Source: Yagate Kimi ni Naru (or "Bloom Into You") (Ending episodes 2-12)

Are y'all really surprised that this song, from my favorite anime series, is #1? I honestly don't know what I can say about it that I have not previously said. Its a really lovely, yet energetic, duet sung by Koito Yuu and Nanami Touku that perfectly describes their relationship through pretty much the entire series: uncertain, skittish and perhaps a little scary yet at the same time, full of wonder! I'm sure you remember how your first love felt, right? Yeah. Like 'Suki, Igai no Kotoba de?' this one always leaves me heavily tearful, particularly the version sung at the end of episode 12 - the final verse is rather breath-taking. Sadly, the actual ED version of this song I could not find on The Youtubes, and I don't really have the skills to snip it out of the video myself. There are several different postings of the full-length version (from the Hectopascal single CD) on youtube, as well as a cut-down version (that looks like it was used to advertise the single, I think?).


Full-length version:

Cut-down version:

And so, we come to the end of this list, my first one posted to Deviant Art. There will be many more to come - some might seem a little weird/random (favorite types of wood, anyone?) but expect to see a lot of different anime, book, and game related lists as well. Hopefully this one is enjoyed! Please feel free to leave comments, ask questions, and pass on the link to other people!

Thank you!


The first of my top-lists to be posted to Deviant Art, revolving around my favorite anime songs! I limited this list to musical pieces that included lyrics.
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