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The Shadow Glass

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Oooh, so cool. Reminds me of good old-fashioned picture books. Clap Heart 
A minor note:
Her index finger should be over the quillons gripping the guard like a pistol. That's why the guard extends so much farther into the forte.
This gives you greater point control. Like so:…
The way she's holding it now looks like how a modern fencer holds a French grip on a foil.
HEY! I am an author and I am looking for someone to maybe throw in with me on a  series project. I need a cover and a sketch book of my characters added to the back of the book. write me at if you are interested.
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The folds and creases on her clothing makes this illustration work so well for me. Brings a lot of action and energy in her movements, love it!
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Your linework really is exquisite.
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Thank you Nekomouse.
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I so can't wait!  Keep us updated because I so don't want to miss this!
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Oh, there will be plenty of updates Magnus! :)
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Thank you for the feedback guys! Yes this is a pic of the main character from the comic book I'm working on for Dark Horse: The Shadow Glass, and her name is Rosalind.
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Someone's ready to kick ass...
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She's English so she kicks arse! ;)
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ooh. is this a book? I think I want to check this out.
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It will be soon. Thank you!
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I liked the line work on it. 
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She has a very good expresion and the proportions look good. her face is gorgeous and I totaly love the lines.
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Thank you Blabury!
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Really a good work, congrats
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