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[COMM] Futura and Jessica on the Web [SFW]

For ILoveLadies2
 It’s of Futura and Jessica from Filmation’s Ghostbusters (no relation to the 1984 movie or the animated spin-off The Real Ghostbusters; it’s an animated sequel to the 1975 live-action TV show). 

This is a scene for his idea of a transformation sequence for them that takes place in his vision of what season 2 would have been like. Futura is staying at Ghost Command with the guys for a bit because she wants to do some real sight-seeing in 1987 (she’s from the future, for those of you who don’t know the show). Jessica Wray is now known as Jessica Kong, as she has married Jake Kong Jr. So naturally she not only lives with him now but has become a Ghostbuster herself. Now Futura and Jessica can go off on missions together, with Jake and/or Eddie, or even by themselves. Prime Evil has reared his ugly head again, and while they're always ready to fight him before they can do that they have to suit up.

This is a scene of them going through the suit up process. Those of you who have seen even a few episodes should remember the transformation sequence that showed the guys changing into their Ghostbusting uniforms. They used a device called the Skelevator to take them to another dimension where a giant hand threw them onto a web that stripped them to their underwear. Then they were placed on a conveyor belt made of bones that took them into a machine that dressed them. Futura and Jessica use the exact same system to don their Ghostbuster outfits. This is them right after having their clothes removed by the web. As you can tell from the expression on Futura's face, she’s enjoying the ride. Like Jake, she thinks using the Skelevator to change her clothes is fun. Jessica however has her apprehensions about this part. She's fine by the time she's placed on the conveyor belt, but she can't help but feel a little embarrassed being undressed in such an open space. Fortunately, she's become adjusted to it and doesn't find it as bad as the first couple times she went through it.
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They're beautiful.  I'm not a fan of the show, but I actually thought that they were both good characters wasted in a terrible show.  They should get their own spinoff.  I'd pay good money to see a well-written show or movie which features them going through the transformation sequence then beating up Prime Evil and his minions.  I think that they would prove to be the all-female Ghostbusters team that I want to see.
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This really is the best commission I've ordered from you!  Jessica and especially Futura both look sexy.  I feel that you have perfectly captured how this scene would look on the show if they ever were to actually have them go through the same transformation sequence the guys went through.  I can't wait to order another commission of them from you!
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I'm glad you like it! Tysm for commissioning me