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Windows Symbian 7 Theme Alpha

OK. I couldn't finish it so I Uploaded what I've got.
Enjoy it

PS It will work better on Nokia 5530 ;)
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thanks for share nice theme
but i`m searching a packager windows phone 7 sps shell and Software spbshell
please i want to see my phone nokia 500 appareance a windows phone lumia
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Why do we have to sign it or hack our phone in order to install just a theme?
This [link] guys themes dont need any of those things.U just install them.Why is yours like that?
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Not Lookin good on my E71 :(
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Hey! just wanted you to know i'll be following this project closely, it's a very promising start but it doesn't look almost anything like that on my phone. I own a Nokia X6 16GB with s60v5 btw. I hate the way symbian looks and it could get soooo much more! It's capable, i use an android-like theme on SPBShell and works great, except it's not a complete visual overhaul, just some UI.

If there's anything i can help with, just let me know, i have some experience in this sort of graphic design and I realy want to see this project make it. If you could send me the resources i could try and add what i can to this, i'm not so good with carbide but i'll do my best.

Good work and I'll be waiting for a reply!

PS: For those who get the "signed certificate" error, just use SISContent to sign it.
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No se puede instalar; error de certificado
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Hack your phone :) or Search How to Sign the app with YOUR cer & Key
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buen tema gracias!

Good theme i like it

thank you
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it doesnt can be installed in my Nokia 5530 XpressMusic!
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it doesnt can be installed! i have a Nokia 5530 XpressMusic
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Nice theme

Hope you finish it soon.

This is my concept on PDAviet forum (you should have read it :-P)
It is possible to make the exactly-look theme based on all of that concept. (Even hidden text and Windows logo)
I couldn't finish it just because the matter of time and resources.

May be you can learn something from that.

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Good work

did you use "ownskin" to design it ?
Viejo por fa termina de agregarle los iconos no seas gacho esta bien chingon el tema pero le hace falta iconos ya hay paquetes con los iconos completos aqui mismo en deviant art, solo me registre para poder ponerme en contacto contigo dale viejo!!
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That's really great! I was looking forward to it! But it need more icons etc. ;-)
mi celphone no permite el tema dice error de certificado!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
will you release any version with default icons
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Hope it will go into the final stage as soon as possible. It needs more icons, and the background of the standby screen needs to be black imo.

Anyway, perfect work. That's what I was looking for.
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Yeah, the themes needs more custom icons and needs a lot of improvement on the buttons/bars. But an awesome effort nevertheless!
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I like it :) hope you can finish it as soon as possible changing many icons as you can.
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Yes. Actually I don't have time but I would like to remake it in 3 or four colors (blue,green orange). Also I need a good tutorial 'cause I don't understand well the App Maker (Carbide.ui)
The theme looks great!
But I can't install it on my n97 mini due to a certificate error... Any idea how to fix this? Thank you!
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sign the app 'cause it's unsigned. Or hack your phone D=
Does the font also look the same when installed? I don't have a good phone since I am not into phones. I just use a cheap Nokia phone but this looks minimalistic and I like it. Made me feel like getting that phone since I know that model.
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