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Roxie in her stall by AlwaysHunted Roxie in her stall :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 2 0 Roxie's face by AlwaysHunted Roxie's face :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 0 0 Rox and Titan Collage by AlwaysHunted Rox and Titan Collage :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 0 0 Titan and Roxie Meet by AlwaysHunted Titan and Roxie Meet :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 1 0 Roxie by AlwaysHunted Roxie :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 1 0 My dorky horse mid neigh by AlwaysHunted My dorky horse mid neigh :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 1 0 Titan in his new pasture. by AlwaysHunted Titan in his new pasture. :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 0 0 Titan Wallpaper by AlwaysHunted Titan Wallpaper :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 0 0 Titan by AlwaysHunted Titan :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 1 0 Linkin Park-Chester by AlwaysHunted Linkin Park-Chester :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 0 0
Ticci Toby X Reader part 11 - When I wake
The first thing I notice when I start to come to, quiet pacing and the familiar scent of Toby, my eyes snap open at that realization.
Toby is on the bed next to me in that instance. "(Y/N), are y-you ok-ay? You don't ha-ve a concussion.. Ugh. Damn Slend-der and his-" I cut him off by pressing my lips to his. His hand caresses the side of my face and he licks my bottom lip for entry, I let him in and we battle for dominance, he obviously wins. His hands start to wander from my face, and soon they're on my hips, rubbing gently and earning a moan from me. He breaks the kiss and looks at me, I know I'm blushing and he smirks.
"Okay.. " he coughs "Time to get ready. Slender wants to meet you."
I groan and sit up, him helping me get out of the bed. After making sure I look presentable, he takes me from the room and down the hallway into a large office, mahogany desk covered with reports of missing people among other things, leather chairs in front of it and in the corners behind us, bookshel
:iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 1 0
Yasuo Collage NEW by AlwaysHunted Yasuo Collage NEW :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 1 0
Jeff the Killer X Reader Part 24 - The fun begins
I apologize for the length. I forced this out..
We walk until we find a secluded enough house, windows are dark signaling everyone inside is asleep. Jeff walks to the back through the fence and we all follow. LJ tries the broken back door and stupidly enough, it opens and we sneak our way inside. I glance at Jeff and see his eyes darting around, the bloodlust showing in his eyes as he leads the way through the house. He leads us up the stairs and motions for me to follow him and the other two go the other way. We both pull out our knives as we slowly open a bedroom door, revealing the master room. The large bed is occupied by two sleeping bodies. How.. peaceful. Jeff stands by the window, in the shadows, his beautiful eyes are the most visible feature. I simply stand at the foot of the bed. He motions for me to make my way to the male, I do and I can feel my smile stretch wide as I stare at him, that doesn't last long as his eyes open and he almost screams, before I cut his thr
:iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 2 0
Katarina Collage by AlwaysHunted Katarina Collage :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 1 0 Raiden (MGR) Collage by AlwaysHunted Raiden (MGR) Collage :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 1 0 Jetstream Sam (MGR) Collage by AlwaysHunted Jetstream Sam (MGR) Collage :iconalwayshunted:AlwaysHunted 0 1


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United States
I also have a German Shepherd, mini Australian shepherd/border collie and two hamsters.
I am 20.
My fanfic days are over for now. I haven't had the muse to since school. I'm sorry. If I do happen to start them again I VERY MUCH doubt they will be creepypasta, I do however still love the fandom-that will never change.

I read, draw, write and listen to music. I'll write more later. If I use your pic let me know I'll take it down. I'm taken by an amazing guy <3
If you want to know anything else, feel free to ask
I see others with their religion posted so I will as well. I am Mormon (LDS) I'm losing my faith however, so eh. Whatever.
I play League of Legends!

Gee... it's been over a year. Since I've posted literally anything, I just put up a Chester Bennington/LP wallpaper.. and i know that's late as can be but I've finally come to terms that he's gone, he's one of the many deaths I've had to deal with this past year. A childhood friend was the first and the latest was my brother's (ex)wife. I can't cope with anymore deaths this year. Anyway... Still engaged and happy and planning a wedding. We have our own place, 2 male hamsters (Syrians and mine is a fluffy butt teddy bear named Ty), 2 bratty female cats, and we recently bought a beautiful 16.2 hand Paint gelding names Titan, so hopefully everything will start turning up, but I'm not going to bother getting my hopes up because then I'll lose another person. Um.. I think the fanfic times are over. Maybe I'll write here and there but I think you all know they've been dead awhile. For now though, I think I'm out.
  • Listening to: Random shit on YouTube
  • Drinking: Vanilla Coke
And to say the least, thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! But the one person I want to hear say it, won't. That would be my boyfriend who stayed last night and thinks that that exempts him apparently. So today was off to a great start up to about an hour ago.. yep. He's still talking to his fucking ex that STILL loves him.. so my birthday absolutely sucks this year. 
  • Playing: League of Legends
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew


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