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Adelle Ref [2019]
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Published: February 21, 2019
~Name: Adelle Vineyard
~Age: 22
~Gender: Female
~Height: 5'7" 
~Species: Weed Humanoid
~D.O.B/Sign: March 04(03-04)/Pisces

~Love Interest: None
~Relationship Status: Single

~Occupation: Queen of the Weed Kingdom
~Residence: Weed Kingdom

~Personality: Confident | Determined | Open-Minded | Stubborn | Ambitious

~Relationships with Other OCs/Characters:
-Adair, brother.
-George, cousin.
-Connor, loyal servant.
-Poker, personal guard.
-Bloom, friend.
-Phillip, acquaintance. (blackblade94's OC)
-King Edmund, acquaintance. (blackblade94's OC)
-Jonathan, acquaintance. RGSnowBellz's OC)
-Astrid, acquaintance. (dalyladolly's OC)
-Shane, acquaintance. (Fionna158's OC)

Second, born, and the only daughter, to the King of the Weed Kingdom Adelle was never in line for the throne since male heirs always came first. Knowing her future was not with her kingdom she left to study abroad and there she earned her master's degree and possibility many more. A news break about the war between her kingdom and one of their closest allies forced the princess to return home only to witness her cousin take over and further bring her kingdom down and lower their reputation. Adelle could no longer sit aside and watch her kingdom fall apart and challenged George for the thrown. After a short duel between her and her cousin, she won.
Now the first female ruler of the Weed Kingdom Adelle plans to rebuild her kingdom and open the corrupted minds of her people. She will undo what the former toxic leaders had done and show everyone that a female can make a better king than a man.

-Reading a really good book (Likes romance, thrillers and murder mysteries)
-Laying on a hammock under the stars

-Closed-minded people
-When she gets judged because she's a weed
-Rude and disrespectful people

-Face Claim: n/a
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Q: Johnathan: He had come by to visit her again in person since it had been a little while since they last saw each other for their beach day at the end of the summer and Johnathan wanted to make some plans. When he finally got to see the Queen he smiled and asked right away. "Adelle, would you join me on Halloween? I'm planning to dress up and visit a neighboring kingdom this year and wanted to see if you would join me for the celebration? This is our first Halloween together as friends after all and what's a better way of celebrating than with a friend?" He grinned brightly awaiting her answer. 
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Adelle Q: Halloween by AlwaysForeverHailey  
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"Greetings, miss." The flame haired man approached the queen with a gentle yet tired smile on his face. In his hand he held a bouquet of fire-colored flowers that appeared to crackle and spark, yet once a spark touched anything, it remained unharmed. He also held a letter that had his kingdom's crest stamped on the front. "My name is Cole DelCiello, I temporarily reside in the flame kingdom known as Fuoco just south of here. My sister, Queen Seraphina sent me with the hopes of forming an alliance with her kingdom."

The older male held out the bouquet to her and fell silent for a moment. "..I heard about your brother. My condolences.. I've lost someone very recently as well, so I know what it's like." He paused a moment before gesturing to the flowers. "These flowers are called Fiore di Fuoco, which translates to fire flower in Italian. They're native to most fire-based kingdoms, but originate from my kingdom. The unique thing about them is that they give off a nice, warm heat and appear to shift like flames in the sunlight. When properly taken care of, they crackle and pop. The sparks they shoot out are harmless." He said just as one shot out a few small yellow sparks. "I've yet to see a Fiore di Fuoco wilt even after it's been picked. I thought they'd make a nice gift as they are supposed to be ever-blooming." He caressed the petal of one of the flowers before smiling once again and holding the letter out to her. "Here's the information on our kingdom my sister sent me with. Even if you don't consider the aliance with Fuoco, I'd like to keep in contact with you. Perhaps we could build a friendship. Despite no longer being king, I enjoy opportunities like this; being able to bring my kingdom together through either aliances or friendships." Cole smiled once again and bowed to her. "I hope you consider, Queen Adelle. An alliance or friendship with you would be an utmost pleasure."
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Q:Johnathan: Adelle, I'm really happy that you were able to let out from the hospital" He smiled warmly than his ear's twitched lightly "I wanted to ask if you would consider joining me and my sisters to the beach in about a weeks time, since I'm sure you still need some time to recover but I also thought it may be good to help give your mind a break with everything that has happened recently. What do you think? 
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Q: Johnathan: After hearing the new's about Adelle's condition, Johnathan made his way from his kingdom to the Weed Kingdom as fast as he possibly could, not making any stops along his journey. All his thoughts were hopping around his mind but the only one that mattered was that he had to know she was going to be okay. When he finally arrived at the kingdom, he made his way straight to the hospital and looked around before asking someone who worked there. "Please, can you help me? I'm the Rabbit Prince, Johnathan Carriton. Could you please let me know on the status of Queen Adelle? She is a dear friend of mine, I would like to see her but if that's too much please allow me to know how she is doing." His ears were hanging low and his nose kept twitching, he couldn't believe this was happening.
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Royal Invite by RGSnowBellz  Johnathan wanted to send out the invite before informing his parents that he was inviting the Queen of the Weed kingdom and so had his personal messenger rabbit deliver it to the castle. It was a rather large actual rabbit with a white tail but black fur everywhere, wearing a green sash with a carrot emblem. 
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Thanks >w<
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she looks fantastic I love her bio! :love:
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Thank you ^w^
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you are welcome! :hug:
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Our beloved queen its finally here!
She looks awesome and she is focused I'm certain she would get far ^^
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Yes she is! ^w^
Thank you >w<
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Awww I love her bio! This girl makes one excellent Queen UwU
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Thank you and she thanks you too. VwV
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Look at that beautiful weed child~ she's so lovely! 
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Thanks VwV
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You are very welcome~ u w u
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Here's the Beautiful Queen XD
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