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This is my entry for the Seventh Sanctum Cartoon Cash-In contest.

The Merchandisable Cartoon Generator: NightMice

NightMice is an animated series about the misadventures of four lovable mice. They only come out when the humans are asleep. Whether it's finding a way up the counter to eat a cake or escaping the clutches of the family dog, these mice never have a dull moment!

Products coming soon. Anywhere from NightMice lunchboxes, plushies and candy dispensers for kids to T-Shirts, mugs and Mousepads for the adults that have an inner child.

---Theme Song---

When the moon is out
And everyone's asleep
Little things run about
So quiet, they have to sneak

They're NightMice!
Family is unaware
NightMice like to explore
Up, down, everywhere

Sleep in the day
To play in the night
They always find a way
And promise not to bite

They're NightMice!
Out to have some fun
Now the sun's rising up
Uh oh, they better run!


NightMice is (c) AlwaysDrm (me).
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