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Where Ponies Come From by Always-A-Keepsake Where Ponies Come From by Always-A-Keepsake
"Mommy? Where do Ponies come from?" A young filly asked as her mother tucked her into bed.

Her mother smiled warmly, not hesitating to answer her daughter's innocent question, "You see, my dear, when a mommy and a daddy pony love and care for each other very much, they want to share all the extra love they have with a little filly or a colt of their own. So they ask Princess Celestia to bless them with a child." Her daughter's eyes shined with wonder at the mention of their beloved Princess, "If they wish hard enough, and Celestia believes they will love a child with all their hearts, she carefully crafts a pony and Winks it to their home."

"But what does she use to make them?" The little filly's voice was filled with curiosity, the story fascinated her to no end.

"For Earth Ponies, she makes them out of rocks and grass so they'll be strong. She creates Pegasi out of clouds of all kinds so they can dance along with the wind." She smiled as she nuzzled into her daughter, "But you, my sweet little filly, you're made of sunshine and moonbeams. Unicorns are closer to the Princess than any other, so she gave us some of her power so we can perform magic just as she can. We're all Celestia's children, and she loves us all the same."

The little Unicorn smiled, finally satisfied enough to finally go to sleep, and snuggled into bed, "Night mommy~"

"Good night, my little moonbeam, I love you."

"I love you too~" She yawned as she closed her eyes, hugging her Celestia doll tightly, "And I love you too, Princess 'tia~"


.::Ingredients for the Perfect Little Pony::.
Earth Ponies: Rocks and grass. They're strong and have a powerful connection with the earth, so it seemed right.

Pegasus Ponies: Clouds. Swiped this idea from Disney's Hercules. Y'know, when Zeus created Pegasus?

Unicorns: Sunshine and moonbeams. Sounds stupid, I know...but I couldn't think of anything else. Sunlight and moonlight are both magical things just about everywhere but reality so...yeah, lol. And it represents the Princesses, so it works~


For those who asked about Alicorns:

Featured on Equestria Daily : D
[link] #38


My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic - Hasbro / Lauren Faust (*fyre-flye)
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