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ChOW: Monarch of Duality



Smiling sweetly, the Evil Queen reached her hand toward the defeated Good King. Offering him her hand in marriage, for the unity of their kingdoms. The Good King had just lost his queen in this very battle, slayed by the Evil Queen. His army of white soldiers were annihilated by the black legions that followed the wicked queen.

He had no other choice.

The design for the Monarch of Duality is taken from chess pieces, mainly the white king and the black queen.
Both signifies the opposite forces they are, Good vs Evil, Offense vs Defense.

The color red often signifies war, the evil forces. Often paired with black for the sinister effect. In here, the color proudly worn by the Evil Queen. Her sharp spiky armor is sure to at least leave a scratch if you bump against her, supporting her preferred action to go with all out attack. And she’s known to be particularly ruthless with her morningstar.

The color green, the complimentary of red, often associated with peace, the good people. Often paired with white to create the feeling of safety. In here, it’s the color worn by the unfortunate Good King. His armor design is based on rounded forms and tortoise shell design to signify his preference to stay in defense. His trusty shield had protected him through many battles, but maybe not this one..

For Character of The Week Challenge in, we are to create a pair of monarch with opposite qualities. I went with the classic Good vs Evil for my lack of tacky idea.
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