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Does anyone still use deviantart? I'm sure there are millions but I certainly don't... as much as I used to anyway. Things like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have made sharing on deviantart seem like an ancient form of communication. Perhaps DA needs a better app for mobile users?

Maybe I'm wrong and speaking for myself but nonetheless I still use and NEED deviantart to post high resolution pieces for my portfolio. Question, If facebook allowed for high resolution image posting would we still be here?  

What are your thoughts? Where are you these days?

Anyhow, you can probably most easily find me on Twitter or Facebook these days. www.twitter.com/alvinleeart
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actually I only follow you here, I think of deviantart as a library specific just for art and photography I woundnt change it for facebook or instagram (I dont like twitter.) I think DA have something special for this website I think it would be nice to have an application for your phone it will be hell a lot of easier in the go but for the mean while I like this!
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I used to post some art on Facebook, but I stopped when somebody informed me that Facebook's legal terms meant that Facebook can do as it pleases/owns whatever you post.

I'm not sure how evil they are about this but I also don't want to annoy my friends and family with my art.

"For content that is covered by intellectual property rights, like photos and videos (IP content), you specifically give us the following permission, subject to your privacy and application settings: you grant us a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, royalty-free, worldwide license to use any IP content that you post on or in connection with Facebook (IP License)"
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I love to use DA, Tumblr and Twitter. I'm forced to use Facebook and Google+.
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Unlike Facebook, you can use DA to lurk around and find good artists even if they have no fame at all. DA's not goin' anywhere. :)
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I absolutely use it more now then I used to for finding good graphics designers to emulate!
Great work A.L.
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I barely use it for art, though... Too busy .-.
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First off your work is some of my favorite!

Second facebook has photo rights - please read the accepted terms for users carefully- so artists who haven't copyrighted their stuff yet- be wary That's interesting thought to keep in mind. I know it's not applicable to you, Alvin Lee, but I didn't know it until a few years ago. If I am misreading it, anyone feel free to correct me!

Third I used to use deviantArt a little bit for my high school and undergraduate traditional art, but now I am pushing myself to transfer over into graphic design --and you're one of my first role models for graphic design, please keep dr posting!

Also I use my wordpres blog drawfromlife.wordpress.com to track my beginnings and connect with people too.

If you have anytime, could you check out my stuff and give my feedback? I used graphicdeisgn forum and they gave me honest feedback (basically I'm a SUPER noob)!

Anyways, if nothing else: your work and your beginning story - your interview on your website- helped me out a ton.

"Be wise; make sure you build you house on rock, not sand." -theJC
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i prefer to use deviantart!
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Always feels like such a chore for me to log onto Facebook.
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I mainly use Facebook due to lack of something better but Deviantart still remains the go to place for art and designs for me. That being said I agree that Deviantart does need its site reboot to compete on the other social media sites that get more attention.
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Tumblr has replaced this site for me, and my own website. Tumblr has a better community...I really don't like the DA atmosphere
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and since facebook was blocked in our office odon't have a choice long live d.a
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i only use deviant to see the hi res image you post in facebook. :D
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Facebook, to me, is not geared towards art and following someone's art on it is a nightmare. I like that DevArt is designed as a place for art. I have noticed a decline in the amount of people here, but i dont care.
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I would still use it because the of all the artists on here, sharing art viewing other people's work and then stuff that could help you improve such as critiquing/bla/bla/bla, the whole community is very good!

I like surrounding myself around all these artists, if it wasn't for this site I wouldn't be inspired to draw (Well there's not much evidence in my gallery for this lol but sooner or later I promise), also would not be able to find your work and gain ideas of my own which could be said about a lot of other artists.

I don't have much of an artist's audience on facebook too, if I didn't use this site and did get back to art then i'd probably only do oil painting and would not have thought of digital art.
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For me DA i'ts different to FAILbook.
I only use FB cuz some of my family members live outside the country... But I've been on DA for over 6 yrs n counting... There's still marvelous ppl sharing their art here.
I still do love DA, even if it's full of "whores"... Now... I indeed agree with u that we need a better app for Android n such... I love this media even more, since thx to this i met my boyfriend XD...
I do think Twitter is a good way to share opinions, discussions n stuff; Oh! N personally helped me to spread the hate for the restaurant that almost killed me a month ago XD!
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I still use DA but not as much as I used to. I think maybe it's because the majority of people who made up DA were people my age who have now either given up on drawing or found jobs or moved on to a new website like DA.

DA has always had those kind of 'dry seasons' but over the last few years it really has gone quiet. I think there's a website that's been more popular recently called Pixiv? But I really don't know much about it. DA has always been the big art website that has stuck with most people though and a lot of the time people leave they end up coming back.
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I haven't posted on Da in a long time I've been using other avenues to post my work. I do still use DA to look at some great art though
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Deviant art is still a nexus for so many mediums and art appreciators all in one place. It's still as awesome as it ever was! Viewing images on your tiny phone? Not the least bit enjoyable.....images are too small and it simply not the place to be viewing art or commenting. Facebook is garbage because for most people it's just a place to be silly and stay connected with non-artists since that's the majority of the population. I miss many posts on Facebook because I simply can't keep up with it all and so much of it is so trivial, anyway. Devart still holds it's niche. I get my art fix in one sitting and I don't have to pretend to be friends with anyone. ;)
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as an illustrator YOU know the story in the business all to well..... i miss typed what i was trying to say there, sorry...
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(mind you im ranting cause this comes up alot)
i don't think you can just use ONE media anymore...
Some people have FAMOUS instagrams (lol that facebook bought out $$? so that MIGHT answer the question you had about higher resolution possibilites....)
Some (people) are or have Famous Bloggers
Yeah's at one time Myspace was undisputable king..
Whatever gets your creative output out there, i hope what you put in is what you can get out of it. Deviantart is for artists, facebook (CAN BE) used for artist, we've changed it or manipulated it into "our" use however we want out of it. :) Your the best ver. of Alvin Lee 2012 wherever you next migrate to, it's writing in the devart history books documented well :)
I would hope every employee at devart is bought out (with 401k included) from (ex Disney, haha facebook buys devart, the insanity.....crazier s*** has happened though) during the global takeover lol

i had a acquaintances , who put up an "argument" that 4(yrs) ago facebook would take over (i didnt doubt he'd be right , but it wasn't a website (LIKE BUSINESS or establishment) but he used it as his "website" or domain name (with no output of art or books...as an illustrator YOU story in the business all to well...), but out of laziness, he hasn't gone further than" i know hot Geerrllls (girl artists)..... now fast forward to now... I've worked (AS IN PAYING OR PAID PEOPLE TO WORK) from devart for a establishment or anothers. So deviantart is still great and relevant , and this is 4yrs later after another let down. Sorry for so long and venting. And yeah this is my personal experiences with this question.

But if your on twit dev face myspc for yapping and fun, no art, no music, this is very irrelevant to read, so no flamming against it. :)

Best to you alvinlee. You are amazing.
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I love Deviantart and would hate to stray away. Although, a "but" is coming soon.
When I visit or use DA I feel like it's a place for me and other artists. Not just manga, comic, cartoon or animation...
All art. There are other sites out there that I visit and am a part of, though they really make me feel that I am not on the same level. I love how DA makes me feel like one with the other artists.
DA sometimes makes it a hassle to just quickly get in and out. It becomes a chore to share with other artists. No matter if I'm sharing my work or sharing my thoughts. I feel as if I go unheard. At least with Facebook, if other artists do not see my work, there are other friends who will.
I believe DA needs to add something that brings your online friends closer together. Something more social right off the bat. Not hidden within the forums. The forums should be apart of the main site.
I will continue to use DA just like the other sites I visit. But I feel I would use it more, and probably exclusively, if I felt I had a more verbal connection with the other artists, not just the fact we all perform art.
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I use it quite a bit as my portfolio site. Not sure how professional that appears in this day and age, but it works while I put together my own site.
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