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Hey all,

I must apologize as I haven't been using Deviantart much these days, I think I've been converted to an instagram junkie. It's easier to follow artists, post artwork, random thoughts and images. Also using their filter on certain pieces is pretty cool too. I'm definitely on Instagram everyday now, versus deviantart every once in a blue moon.

Part of me wishes deviantart would make their mobile apps better... *sigh*  


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done and done brotha
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I don't use that site! :/
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Hey Mr. Lee,
I know you're using this new site but look out for my Darkness/Spawn piece that will be up tomorrow. I hope you'll enjoy it as you are also one of my big influences.
Russell Gainsford(South Africa)
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I just find it way easier to connect with people, and not just other artists but all of your friends!
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I still dig DA, but follow you on FB anyway. :-D See you @ C2E2!
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Looks cool, but unfortunately that site lags way too much for me.
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