Check out my home studio w/ The Image Interview!

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Welcome into my home studio with The Image Interview!

An awesome concept and interesting look into artists and their environment. Was a little self conscience at first having so many pictures taken of me and my home/workspace but it didn't take me long to get comfortable as the shoot was pretty laid back. The tough part was actually doing the writing!

I hope you dig it! It was super rad!

^_^ Click the image above to see the full interview linked from my homepage! ^_^
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That sketch book, you lucky son of a...

Also, random hookah.
I think it's cool/brave/helpful that you did this. you've got a neat style - in both your art and your lifestyle.
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Thank you! I'm just an artist through and through, appreciate all forms of art and design!
StamayoStudio's avatar
Awesome couch, bro!
alvinlee's avatar
thanks! It's vintage!
RedEyeAngel's avatar
I been watching it too It is an awesome show!
KeanKennedy's avatar
so much light in your place...
alvinlee's avatar
yes indeed. we keep the blinds up in here while working because it's TOO bright sometimes!
Koenken's avatar
Amazing words of wisdom. Very cool interview.

Your place is so sharp looking.
alvinlee's avatar
Glad you enjoyed it! And thanks, appreciate it. It's hard work!
Koenken's avatar
You're welcome. Well I have to say hard work pays off.
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damn dude... i need to up my game on all levels. inspiration!
LOSTSCOUT's avatar
yo sick pad and diggin that Herschel back pack!
alvinlee's avatar
love my backpack! They're making a huge comeback, unfortunately I see everyone with the same backpack!
LOSTSCOUT's avatar
yeah maybe you got them all popular lol
The-Seacow's avatar
Rocking the suspenders I see. You definitely have a suaveness to the whole comic book artist thing going on there.
alvinlee's avatar
Cheers to that. Bringing the swag to comicbooks!
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you suave mu-fugger
New pad looks slick bro, can't wait to pass out on that couch ;)

alvinlee's avatar
Haha,thanks dude! The couch is exclusively reserved for Joe Vriens during Fan Expo! #55KStudios
great interview man
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One powerhouse illustrator/designer transferred his sketchbook to you and you too are a powerhouse Illustrator/designer. I'm a huge Daigo Ikeno fan, from the 3rd strikes art files, to the devil may cry and beyond. I love his work, as well as yours. I'd be afraid/anxious to see what would come from you two doing the fusion dance, only then to produce artwork of Magna Carta like proportions. Cheers friend, in all that you do, in good health and many years to come.
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Beautiful place, and great advice. You have long been one of my idols. Thanks for sharing!

~ A.
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Dig the pad. You're kind of a handsome devil!
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