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Street Fighter no.3 COVER

Here's an oldie but goodie. I know i promised nothing but fresh foods but this one still makes me tingle. It's my first ever Street Fighter Cover! It's the Cover to issue 3 of the first story-arc that i did with doe [link] way back in 2002 or something like that. Brings back memories!

I've learned so much over the years and now I'm going to show all of the tricks of the trade in my new course, Building a Powerful Comic Book Portfolio, go check it out!

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Great work and the art is topnotch!
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Hi! Just letting you know that I'm sharing your work on my page! :)…
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Yes! I have this cover :)
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simply...amazing! teach me o great artisty one!!
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Great pic! And can't wait to check the link to schoolism out, much appreciated! :)
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i need to learn some of your techniques... reallu cool
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Hi Alvin! What's amazing to me is how you capture character's emotions! Guile= confidence Chun li = prepared.. What strikes me most is Ryu= Giving in, embracing the darkness, Akuma= Awaiting a challenger. Vega = pure finesse .. just my interpretation of the picture.
all your work is excellent master
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once again you capture dynamic movement so well here .... it's pretty damn inspiring
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This is a wonderful fan art! :D
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Vega is so smooth a character; this is just greatness overall in this piece.
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my favorite cartoon!!!! Awesome!
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This is crazy cool!
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Incredible! Love it!
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