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Street Fighter 1 - 6 COVER



Kickin' it OLDSCHOOL! I was going through some old artwork during a Student Critique @ Schoolism and stumbled upon this oldie'! This was done in 2003 almost eight years ago now, I can't believe how quickly time has past!

Funny thing is I've been asked countless times to post this one as it's one of their favorites apparently. Even to this day! I don't see it though, I look at the pencils that i did and it makes me CRINGE. Luckily, I had the likes of Arnold "Arnistotle" Tsang to back me up on this one!

We shared in a silly conversation once before, that I'm like Ken Masters because of my flashy ways, and Arnold is like Ryu because of his quite nature. Akuma however, that you will have to just figure out for yourselves! LOL!

Here's another funny cookie, look at what's the first image you see from one of my favorite HipHop tracks of all time by, THE FUGEES! [link]

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Used to like this art from 5 years ago.:D (Big Grin)