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August 19, 2016
League of Legends - Pool Party! by alvinlee
Featured by JonathanWyke
Suggested by Ginryuzaki
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League of Legends - Pool Party!

This just dropped as The League of Legends login screen! Go play the game and check it out, it's LIVE right now!!! It has actually been animated by the art team at Riot games but if you're not a LoL player (you should be, it's awesome and free) you can check out the youtube vid here:

Had a blast working on this piece with the very talented RiotTeaTime, she's a super awesome artist and you should go follow her!

For this particular piece I really wanted to push the perspective and foreshortening, mostly due to the circumstances being that it had to fit a 16:9 letterbox. This made choosing a panoramic fisheye lens ideal for showcasing the number of characters within this piece. I felt a pool party wouldn't be a pool party without a healthy dose of women, so I put quite a few extra in there! Originally it was strictly Leona, but can you identify the rest!? Also everyone seems to be asking who the one with the tattooed arm is, and to be completely honest I'm not sure either! Heh! ;)

Hope you like it y'all! :)
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Priysh's avatar
This is amazing.
renae0124's avatar
Jinx's tattoo is on the wrong arm, but it's a cool picture.....kinda almost sums up my summer
TheAngelsWrathSaga's avatar
It's like a 7-Up ad from Hell!
Antsstyle's avatar
Amazing work! :D
LindArtz's avatar
Congratulations on your much deserved DD!
Congrats on DD By Marphilhearts by LindArtz
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0nEgaTivEbLacK0's avatar
Leona kinda looks like August Ames from that angle ; )
Morsmamodred's avatar
Bullet shells and smoke tattoos? I think that one is fairly obvious.

It's JINX!!
Ururuty's avatar
Strangely-Skipper's avatar
Congrats ~ Emoticon on the DD! You certainly deserved it!
HoboTim's avatar
*bloop bloop*
mea00's avatar
Very nice! Congrats on the DD
I met this guy in real life. he signed my deadpool pop
xXWildKinzXx's avatar
Great job on this priceless peace of art!
AleAndFlippy's avatar
Who wants free stuff?
sleepcross's avatar
Ahhhhh Pool Party Jinx oh the dream
TeKi09's avatar
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Qusk's avatar
I remember this logging screen and we were all like "omg it's the new champ's arms ! she'll be so badass !!!!!!!! " #allexcited xD
Windklang's avatar
why its so clear who is who:
Vayne on the left, jinx with the tatoos (who else would paint their nails blue and red) then ahri, lux and Morgana at the pool, Leona in the middle, ziggs, lee sin, graves and renekton cant be missed anyway - did I forget anybody?
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