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Death Sworn Viktor Splash

Death Sworn Viktor! 💀 Here's my latest Splash Art. Happy Halloween everyone, be safe out there! 🎃[Special thanks to @alexfloresartMoulinBleu and @jeangoart, for the feedback on this one! 👊] #Viktor #deathswornviktor#harrowing #harrowingskin #lol#leagueoflegends #riot #riotgames#ritopls #alvinlee #alvinleeart
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Amazing work :D
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this is very gorgeous! I love the angle you chose, (it's a tricky one), I love the colours as well and the colours! please keep going Alvin :D :heart:
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hell ya just got now :P
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I must say the death Sworn skins are super badass, the colors are perfect for the idea :3
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Awesome splash art! This might just get me to start playing Viktor again Clap 
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I agree with Fellenfan. This is an amazing piece! Glad it could be seen by a lot of people like the league community! Cheers to the success of this piece!
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Thank you so much for the kind words! Happy to hear that players like yourselves like it! 
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I wish I was a Viktor main
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mmmMMHH YES the SECOND I saw this splash I wanted to know what amazing artist made it, turns out I was already watching them! :'D 
let me just pour my love all over you now, ok here comes.
the style and level of detail in this splash is FAR beyond what riot deserves what you usually see in a riot splash. the other two skins in this theme, for kata and zed, have "normal" splashes, but this? THIS, is pure art. the style, the angle, the posing, the background, it's all so damned well made I just can't take it! the other two skin splashes is no where near this one. (to clarify; I'm NOT saying those splashes are bad in any way, I'm simply saying this splash in particular is standing out from the three.) I'm not a mid player, quite frankly it's the only lane I can't play hah, nor do I play viktor but I'll be damned if I didn't think about starting to main him just because of this splash alone. 
well freaking done mate, you've earned a huge gold star! ♥
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Thank you so much! This actually means a lot to me, especially because I was having performance anxiety on this one. Glad that you like it! GLHF! ;)
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