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April 5, 2010
Darkstalkers Jam CVR - Teaser by *alvinlee is incredible in every possible aspect!
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Darkstalkers Jam CVR - Teaser

Here's a sneak peek to my new Darkstalker's super-wide cover. This actually spans three comic book boards and the backgrounds were actually drawn on three separate boards and pieced behind being that the foreground was so ridiculously complicated! Hope you all like it!

Pencils by Alvin Lee
Colors by Christine Choi

Notice anything familiar on the bottom left hand corner? ;)

**I'm VERY happy about the DAILY DEVIATION this received today, my first and hopefully not the last!**
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JackiHime's avatar
Impressive asf
mbkerr's avatar
Love your Darkstalkers work (still yearning for more Darkstalkers comic series to continue their storyline).  Any chance of an HD version of this for wallpapers?
logancure's avatar
i see this illustration for years, it was be my desktop wallpaper in 2008 or 2009 so far, it´s incredible that i was find the artist behind it.... thanks for such perfection 
himegirl15's avatar
Wardaan's avatar
You've got to come back to Dubai!
Your work is inspirational!
alithking's avatar
WOW! amazing and glorius one, congratulations!
YotzinNya's avatar
omg! jhasfjyahsjfaskjfkasj i like it! OWO!! NYA!
SoulStryder210's avatar
Really awesome artwork.
BMWTaylor's avatar
Not only the art, but the composition is just perfect. This could also be titled "When Group Photos Go Horribly Wrong."

It's like the school class picture from hell where the photographer (you, in this case) simply just gave up after trying in vain to get all these lunatics to stand still. And of course it's mostly the guys who are acting up while the girls try to ignore their uncouth behavior.

Simply amazing work.
ShadowFlameBrawler's avatar
That's not Sagat cut off at the left, is it?
Anyway, amazing. I love this.
Raded-Skull's avatar
God I loved that game
Gratteurdenez's avatar
i like the milk bowl put in front of Felicia.
really funny
Ferssen's avatar
Mullmeister's avatar
Dude hell yeah, just simply this is awesome
animelover43766's avatar
i wouldn't be able to draw that in a million years!
djoevil's avatar
Perfect! I love your art men
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