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Birds Of Prey 5 pg 18-19 - RAW

By alvinlee
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Here's a penciled double splash page to Birds Of Prey #5, this page features Helena (Huntress) and Zinda (Lady Blackhawk). Just thought you might like to see a bit more of the "behind the scenes" so to speak as the actual book just hit the shelves on wednesday! I didn't have a chance to really clean up this scan so I apologize for the dark spots. Nonetheless this was a headache to draw as there were still ten panels to this double splash and to top it off it was set in the busy streets of Bangkok! Hope you like it!

Interesting fact: Some people don't know but I actually lived abroad in Bangkok for almost 3 yrs, so the backgrounds are probably more accurate than the norm. I think this might be just before the intersection of Asoke and Sukhumvit by the 711.

I'll post some more select pages from this issue later!

2H Pencil on Smooth comic book board.
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That first big frame is really awesome! Fantastic use of perspective and great detailed each character!
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really love this!!
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Whenever i draw i seem to just pollute my drawings with detail, but the art in this is so relatively simple i love it!
May i ask... what are all the X's for?
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Love how you did the panels and double page spread, here.
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I just read this issue last week and now I've come across this - now that's cool :) Thanks for sharing - I love to see the pre-work in comic books!
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Amazing, simply amazing. How do I get started in practicing sequential pages? I don't even know where to start
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you rock alvinlee...i wudnt mind learning few tips from any tut?
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Cool layout! I like the use of diagonals, very dynamic.
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What's with all the x's in the actual panels and characters are the shade or shadow reminders
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woow,I love this page.
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I really like your pencils. Did you find it hard to break into the biz? Have you worked in comics for a long time?
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Dude. Your pencils are so much better than the finished inks they published. For a minor example: (two inkers listed in the book so no idea which one worked on your stuff) the sword in front of Zinda on the top of page 5 just next to the insert panel lost some key detail. And that's just one example.

Whoever inked it used all brush and no tech pen. And your stuff is soooooo manga influenced that it actually requires varied pen work mixed with brushes. A buddy of mine who works for DC (as an inker) would kick my ass for saying that actually but I believe in the pencils talking to the inker.

Just my opinion really. I wish I had been your inker. :)
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Fantastic Job
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Incredible as always!! Keep at it Alvin! Good luck
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