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Young Qing - KFP- DolphinMoana

Well, here's a little something for all you fellow "Kung Fu Panda" fans. First things first, this is not my character, all I did was the coloring. This little guy's name is Chen Qing, he is DolphinMoana's property as is the lineart. The only real picture of him that Moana made was of him as a grouchy adult [link]
, so I sort of had to improvise with his design. I know his main color is brown, but I figured as a cub one of his other colors should be red? Oh well, it's up to Moana :)

Oh, another little piece of info! This is Koto's father and Shifu's grandpa :love:

Lineart is available for rendering, just follow the rules

Kung Fu Panda, Shifu (c) DreamWorks Animation
Koto, Qing and the surname "Chen" (c) DolphinMoana
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Love it!!! :love: The red color works! You forgot to comment and mention you'd finished it, though. ^^;
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You mean post a comment on your page and say, "I finished your lineart color?" I didn't know I was supposed to that ^^; I figured you would find it eventually, being a KFP fan and all :P

Thanks, I thought it suited him.
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:lol: It was in the lineart rules, but it's all right. I know that you wouldn't do it out of being rude or anything.
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Oh muffins! It does say that, I can't believe I missed that ^^; Sorry, sorry!
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:lol: Like I said, you're fine. :)