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Stitch and Leroy Combat

:iconamethyststone: is the creator of this wonderful drawing, she even has her own colored in version too :) I was given premission to use this. If you want to see more fantastic art, go check out her gallery.

The changes I made here, I took out the text, Amethyst I hope you don't mind? I tried to keep Stitch's fur color from the 1st movie...I think I failed :ashamed: Also, I'm pretty sure Stitch's blood color is a pinkish-purple; if you watch the first movie they take a blood sample. I pretty much worked my butt off on this picture, it took two days.

Leroy and Stitch are property of Disney and Chris Sanders, no profit was made in the coloring of this line-art. The picture was drawn by :iconamethyststone:
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Poor Stitch. Bad Leroy bad

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stitch is die now-627
you die-me
head off -me
yes not 627-me
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Annnnnnd I spelt in wrong
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Awesome I really should do a picture on my experiments fighting one another the classic would be Scratch and Scar " 636 and 637"
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Ouch! xD Great job!
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Great poses and perspectives, I feel sorry for Stitch tough :(
Great work! :D
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Awsome drawing... but that poor cute stitch :´´(
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Aaaa Poor Stitch.
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Ugh! What a blow!
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hehe rarw!! i like leroy
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I love this show, or use to.
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