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OC- Collin the Koala

Yeah, so this little guy came out of no where today in "Business and Marketing", I was done with my work, so I figured I'd doodle :shrug: His rambling is me rambling, I wasn't going for anything catchy.

This is the way I draw my stylized Koalas, I know the ears should be lower and his nose should be smaller, but that's my style. The reason he only has three fingers on each hand is because I gave him a birth defect; all Koalas usually have six fingers?

Why I made him British, I have no idea. I guesss I've been listening/watching "The Ricky Gervais Show" and it just struck me as funny idea. His personality is based around Karl Pilkington, just a bit. He also was inspired by the some of the great comic characters I've experienced in my life, who knows maybe I'll start making a comic strip for Collin?

Bio for Collin:
My version of his world is that he's Koala who has a job, a love of football (soccer) and is constantly observing the world around him. He's a office worker at company that sells printers. He sometimes wears glasses, but only when reading. He owns a classy appartment and drives a small BMW.

Sketch 1: I guess he's outside shooting the breeze with his co-workers; yes human co-workers.

Sketch 2: His ears are perking up to an announcement over the loud speakers

Sketch 3: Just because he usually walks anthro style doesn't mean he doesn't go down on all fours. Koalas actually do walk on all fours when they climb down a tree. It's super cute to watch.
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