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Wolf horse

Decided to draw my old creature comcept of wolf-horse^^


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That's a nice combination!

Kaleidechse's avatar
That's a truly fascinating creature! I like the hoof-paws, and its face looks great - you managed to blend these two animals together perfectly!
Torathor's avatar
looks like my dog
Cashagon's avatar
That is awesome! Can I have one?
SammyPlays13's avatar
OMGGGGGGGGGGGG this is gorgeous!
Weidenlied's avatar
Cool idea. I like the colours, and the fur looks very natural
Ghost825's avatar
Wow, that is an interesting concept...Kinda reminds of the raven wolf from Maleficent lol.
SilverSugar's avatar
Whoa! This is rad as heck.
CelticWarriorMoon's avatar
Oh wow. It's kinda like a concept I came up with lol  Character Ref Sheet - Alyxa by CelticWarriorMoon   Be Afraid. by CelticWarriorMoon
This version is just as cool though, nice art :D
AspenWinterhorn's avatar
This is my favorite concept design that I have EVER seen. May I draw these if I give you credit for the original design?
ranicat15's avatar
It might be old to you but its just new to me.........I am loving this mythological beast. He is perfect for any art piece of fantasy. He is so beautiful and I for one am in awe. The use of blue and purple here is so pretty. I was never a unicorn person and this is just perfect as a creature I could begin to love. ........Mandy
Dragonmyth123's avatar
This is a really cool concept! :)
Nocturn02's avatar
oooh neat idea 
shazzz999's avatar
Fabulous. Three cheers for traditional art!!! S
SpectacleSpeckle's avatar
Bojo72rocco's avatar
Wow, really curious concept, I like it
ThePhoenixGirl31's avatar
That must have been difficult to design. I remember once trying to mix a horse and a big cat.

It was looking so demonic XD
OrchidBreeze's avatar
wow! I'm speechless.
dDarknezZ's avatar
oooohhh interesting combination! :)
Raphsgirl113's avatar
How do u do all that! I MUST know!!
Raphsgirl113's avatar
This is sooooo beautiful!!!😍
Portabellasalsa41's avatar
that should become a mythical animal.
Phoenix450's avatar
Awesome concept and the art is wonderful as always <3
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