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Water dragon - tattoo design

Child of warm sea water, full of sunlight^^

Pencils,black&light pen.

Art © me :iconalviaalcedo:
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© 2013 - 2021 AlviaAlcedo
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The more defined lines in these piece gives it the sense of more of a painting or a drawing as if an adventure had gone out and seen such a creature and decided to draw it out to go home and tell his fellow man. It is a cute and well done piece.
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as I am going through your work, you have really nice style and the dragons are so cute! Really adorable :) 
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I love the beautiful blues you used! 
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I love this dragon~! Particularly the details created by the feathers and scales. The only real flaw is the base of the tail not really connecting with the rest of the body but other than that it is gorgeous.
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Yesyes my face was just like this *-*
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So freaking AWESOME! :la:
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Милый дракошка.

Татуировка, хах? Интересно. Как бы оно выглядила на теле..?
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I love this one!! it's beautiful. it's cute and super cool at the same time :)
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I love the design it is beautiful
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wow it is so pretty :)
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How do you make all your dragons so amazing?!
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Impressive shading technique and I like the description :)!!
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I love the colours:)
Do you allow people to use this as their tattoo design? i'm seriously considering having this on my shoulder within the next week :D
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I love the subtle turquoise. :3
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That's really beautiful! I really love that light blue. :D
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oooh I would love to do this one <3 are we allowed?
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