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Unlimited sky



My entry for =loneantarcticwolf contest
:iconsparklesplz:Obsidian Stardragon is rising up to the sky,:iconsparklesplz:
:iconsparklesplz: waiting for the sunset.:iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz::iconsparklesplz:

I started this drawing near 26August, and finished it today.. I spend so much time because of my fighting with background and dragon scales..

Obsidian Stardragon (c) :iconloneantarcticwolf:
Art (c)me:iconalviaalcedo:
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this piece is simply baeutiful, in a very subtle way.
you look at it once and say 'oh, it's a li'l brown dragon. how cute.'
but look at it once more and it draws you in so well.

i'll start at the back. the bg you chose fits perfectly, giving a sense of floating in mid air, just as the dragon itself is. the clouds betray a hint of the sunset to come, and i can feel the cool crisp air of it.

the dragon: this guy is both cute and sophisticated at the same time, huggable and subtly powerful it seems. his pose shows pride as he stares out at the viewer, and the eyes....the eyes are the most captivating part i think. they blend with the sky behind him, but don't make his head look see thru; they more reflect the sky like small pools of water. accenting these eyes on this dark-toned dragon are his silver accessories; claws, horns, spines and a beautiful dagger-tail tip.

wonderful, wonderful wonderful.