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Sign of the dragon

The power of flight

It will be great on the back,somewhere near the neck, I think.

It's a gift to my watchers, thank you for the comments in my last journal with dragon-related music, that helps me alot! :hug:
If you want to use this design for your own tattoo, just send me a note, I don't bite^^

Art © me :iconalviaalcedo:


You also can find many other drawings (and more) in my gallery, for example:

:star:traditional art: :star:digital art:
:star:handmade things:
:star:feather paintings:
:star:stone painting necklaces:

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You're welcome :heart:
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Hi.. need a huge favour.. may I get the hi-res PNG format for this pls..

Airano's avatar
I'm gonna get one done soon, you should try and do a wolf dragon hybrid!!
x1zombiechick's avatar
Exactly as you said, I think if I were to get this done between my shoulder blades. I'll have to keep this one in mind! :D
wozzmeyer's avatar
I am SO getting this tattoo
SophiaKanthak's avatar
You're soooooooo talented!!!
I always try to draw dragons but it always ends up in a desaster:/
I've recently tried something in this tattoo style but usual it's not what I wanted.
Do you have any tips for painting dragons(especially how to use the right proportions)?
thanks for your help:)
P3droD's avatar
Love this one! It would, in fact, be an amazing tatoo 
Beak-Hookage's avatar
I really like this artwork!
I'm a professional author with seven novels commercially published so far (you can find out more about me at I plan to release my next novel online for free, as a way to gather some publicity for my other books. Could I use this picture as a cover for the book? You would be fully credited, so it would be useful publicity for you as well.
If you're interested, please do let me know.
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DrAcOpIk's avatar
I would like this sketch as a tattoo, i'be been searching for a nice design for my low back u.u :)
jakynar's avatar
Wow, that's amazing - if I ever get a tattoo, that will definitely be on the list of things I'd want! :squee:
Crystal4006's avatar
That's going on the back of my neck! :D
Stormy-kun's avatar
I really love the design. 
lisagems's avatar
If I ever actually work up the nerve to get ink, this might be an image I'd have to consider.  Very nice.
LauraDragongirl's avatar
8D You're right, it would be just AWESOME as a tattoo!!! :D
Lilmimi1's avatar
Again, soooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! namikaiFANGIRLINGplz 
lightfaith0606's avatar
Awesome! I can see it on a shield! :meow:
jacob-reddinger's avatar
That is really cool. :)
AeyviAllenPoe's avatar
I am tempted to get this on my back in white ink.
roli447's avatar
looks like a really awesome tattoo pattern!
Nortstar's avatar
Khelmer's avatar
Another design that is very good! n..n
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