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Rainbow in the sky - dragon

..It comes after the rain, right?^^

Pencils, black&white pen
Commission for *delapsus1992, who asked about the dragon with colors of the Rainbow Dash^^

Art © me :iconalviaalcedo:

*delapsus1992 kindly gave me a permission to post here the real tattoo, based on my design:


You also can find many other drawings (and more) in my gallery, for example:

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You're welcome :heart:
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Snarffles505's avatar
Okay, your stuff is just awesome.
cooger11's avatar
Reminds me of Rainbow Dash as a realistic Dragon!
MonocerosArts's avatar
That's exactly what I was thinking! :D
cooger11's avatar
holy cow, whoa- rely??? XD
MonocerosArts's avatar
Yup! Blue body, rain "mane"... Come on, it's Rainbow Dash!
cooger11's avatar
Psh, obs!! Who doesn't c this??
Mittz-The-Trash-Lord's avatar
I bet that dragon came out of people's closet on multiple occasions. XD
LordLink19's avatar
If Rainbow Dash was a Dragon, she would be named Rainbow Dragon.
Mittz-The-Trash-Lord's avatar
I was thinking the same thing! XD
LordLink19's avatar
I see. I like dragons, do you?
Mittz-The-Trash-Lord's avatar
Uh, yeah! Who doesn't?
endergirlwithfred12's avatar
is it soppesed to be like RD?
CreativeGirl211's avatar
thats so cool and awsome!
Marmarmia's avatar
 wow you are really good at simple but detailed dragons! AWESOME SKILLZ
Media-Blitz's avatar
i love the colors!!:D
EveeLover's avatar
really unique concept and art
BlueIsTooCool's avatar
A rainbow dragon :D!
Soliassoul's avatar
I'm not really one for tattoos, but I'd get a tattoo of THAT in a heartbeat! Dang, that dragon looks awesome. You're very skillful with your pencils, I must say. Very masterful.
Rozzi-dk's avatar
Rainbow dragon - yay :D
Artsbriddle's avatar
So awesome!! <3 :)
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