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Rainbow dragon

The one, who brings a rainbow^^

You can find me on:
💕 Thank you for the support! ❤
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It’s so vibrant. Stunning ☺️

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I searched up ‘rainbow’ to see if anyone had similar ideas as me, found this by accident and I just ❤️

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Such a gorgeous dragon!

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Very beautiful my dear Alvia! :D
:giggle: I was about to embarrass myself and make the silly comment
that there's no way you only used those 3 colors for this (not seeing all
the others on the left and right, as they frame the border so nicely!),
and then managed to realize you DO have a plethora of colors on display! :D
Just felt like sharing some silliness with you, like sprinkling kindness as though
it were confetti, in the hopes of making you chuckle, or even think "silly goof!" ;)

I do love that this appears to be a feathered dragon, as well... :love: :heart:
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This comment deserves a reply from the artist. :)
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That's a cutie! +fav 
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This just literally brightened up my day. Love it!
Love it! Do yoy sell the artwork for commercial use?
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I want this (and also every other dragon u made) to exist.
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Very beautiful! So full of colours, it looks great.
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omg its amazing
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what pencil do you use
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Prismacolors I think
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Wow, the way you blend the different colors together is just brilliant. It's so vibrant and bright, I love your style. Even the wisps on your other drawings are just so beautifully colored that I just look at them in awe, kind of wondering how you came up with it. You are amazing!
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really really lovely <3
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What brand of pencils do you use?
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I love this piece <3
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I adore the dragons :D
how long does it take for you to draw your pictures along with color it?
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This is so beautiful and cute!!!Heart 
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