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L'edara dragoness

Yes!!!! My OC dragoness L'edara (Dara)!!! I finished this drawing!!!!:iconcloudsplz:

***She can run on two legs like dinosaur. And she has some green fur on her body. And scales too :meow:

I used brown paper for pastel and watercolour pencils.

L'edara and art(c)me:iconalviaalcedo:
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thats a really fun design, kudos
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i was wondering if you could assist me... yeah i cant do a feral dragoness as good as i need to. i was thinking "wow...this is...good" so are you willing to draw a dragon oc for me?
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Now I'm too busy, I can draw it only as a commission
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ahh... ok then. sorry to have bothered you.
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It's okay^^
I don't bite if anyone asks something =D
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this is a wierd one??? it walks like a wyvern on 2feet but has2extra arms like a dragon and wings * looksatwings* but those would look good as leggings
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Interesting, the tail is... nice ^^

:salute: *fav* :salute:
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Wow, so beautiful! I'm impressed with your traditional coloring. I love the droplets; this dragon looks like the spirit of a dewy morning.
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she's so fluffy, i love it
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damm.. I always wanted to try out coloured papers, but now you made me anxious to draw on one :XD:

And.. I'm totally in love with this character.. unique, yet traditional in a way (I hate anthro for some reason..) and has a colour scheme and concept that left me in awe :) Congrats :)
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Thank you for the comment!^^
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you're welcome! :D
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