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Find your heart

By AlviaAlcedo
What kind of heart do you want?  A little and shiny or a big and soft?..
Hearts for everyone, who needs a new one^^

Just because people are asking, why only the one dragon has an antennas  =D
This one is carrying a hearts to their new masters, so the antennas helps to sense the person with a "heart problems" :meow:

And they are carring the new hearts for free, and only for that persons, who are really in need.  :heart:

Pencils, pens.

Art © me :iconalviaalcedo:

A little baby dragons with a hearts are  available in my Etsy shop now^^

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© 2013 - 2021 AlviaAlcedo
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Hi Alvia!  I just wanted to let you know that I've featured you on my dragon artwork blog -- a few times, actually, because I absolutely love your art!  These little dragons remind me of my kittens, they are so adorable.  You can find me at Writing Dragons Blog, and my latest feature of your work (and links to the others) here.  Keep up the great work! <3
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This is just...
CrowInTheOliveTree's avatar
This is so darn cute. :3
DreamingBudgie's avatar
Truly heart lifting. Adorable and imaginative. Heart 
Bliood-Kira's avatar
Ah... so that's why the watch as welll... it shows how much time the person with "heart probleams" has?, and the tag the pink dragon puts, it has the name of the person (now it makes much more scence than the first time i've view it :D)
Missing-Kat's avatar
There are nothing but hearts for those cuties! So cute. :heart:
Valhallia's avatar
Utterly adorable!
TrottingPeryton's avatar
They're like cute little birdies.
DemonHowl's avatar
Red-Rose-12's avatar
magnificent! i love all the detail and colors :) and the heart in jars is pretty neat
JRayG's avatar
I can see you using this artwork as a valentine's card, everything about it makes a smile on my face. 
o-Kleodora-o's avatar
Adorable wee dragons, and an intriging concept! Lovely work! ^^
PartingVeils's avatar
precious and probably just made my day :3
FloraLaurel's avatar
This is absolutely adorable! The way you made the wings looks so natural.
AbbyFail's avatar
This Dragons are so sweet, i love it! One of my favourites .-. ♥
ZephyrMaximum's avatar
I sense a bottle of amortentia nearby :P
Nortstar's avatar
it look so amanzig ^^
BonbonBeluvr's avatar
Your dragons are so adorable, it's not even fair.
RoseHeartStudios's avatar
Oh my goodness, I love your story behind this artwork, and the way they tie together: the dragon with the antennae, the strings of hearts.  :heart:  
So lovely.  
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Valentines card? These  are too cute. <3
spazzikat's avatar
This is too cute to bear! *Squee!*
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