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Crystal dragon

Mysterious treasure guardian
Custom artwork^^


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It's so pretty I'm gonna cry
This is astounding work! It's like it came right out of a computer screen! It's that good to me! Love It!
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I would to sign you up to my cross stitch business . Where chart your pieces for stitches to stitch . I do have an agreement, to protect your copyright and you would get 35% of each chart sold. If you are interested . Email me
i love yours pieces
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iv'e gotten things like these before, they don't work :/
Wabuup's avatar
the only dead girl in my room is the one that doesnt exist
Maplewhisper's avatar
Oh come one my school is an old mental hospital :I
Stop scaring people with this nonsense jeez who even believes this?
Drop it in the traaaaaaaash B)
Ok good bye world when you think your good but then you see someone 100000000000000000000000000000000000000x better         
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You have used my favourite colour again purple. It is a gorgeous drawing
AliBrown1313's avatar
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Lol the dragon almost looks like its looking out for other enemies. :)
Cortni-Whitney's avatar
whoa the colors are so vibrant, gorgeous piece
WaferDoesArt's avatar
What pencil brand do you use?
Rubynium's avatar
That same basic shape is how I sometimes draw dragons, whoa. 
IrritatedNeko's avatar
This is fabulous! \(>w<\)
LittleDragonKid's avatar
What is this brown paper on that you allways draw? It looks like the last page of a block.
That just make the block stronger.
kudohazama's avatar
This is so good, what kind of paper is that?
nightwolf3524's avatar
creative and amazing
silveryfeather208's avatar
Thiss has all the colours I like. Would love to see it on a pendant
Bennirory's avatar
This is so pretty
Firnen-0's avatar
love the art as usual
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