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Cold fire dragon

:snowflake: Cold as ice.. :snowflake:

Finally, ready^^
Pencils, pen on a brown craft paper.

Art © me :iconalviaalcedo:


You also can find many other drawings (and more) in my gallery, for example:

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You're welcome :heart:
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Reminds me of a pose my cat does. XD Very pretty!!!

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очарована вашим творчеством! Heart
Удачи вам и вдохновения в наступившем году!  Star! 
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the white highlights are amazing, especially makes the chest scales pop out *v*
is it up to the pencil quality so that even the final white layer sticks, even after it has (probably?) many colour layers on already? ' 0'
Mittz-The-Trash-Lord's avatar
So...beautiful... ; A ;
KooriTora's avatar
This creature is very cute the eyes give it the sense that it is afraid also the way the claws are curled in much like a human gesture of fear. But all of these elements combined gives this dragon a sense of cuteness and the need to protect.
Fallenevy's avatar
It's amazing the colors are soo vivid 
dragonkiss114's avatar
It's so exquisite..... :O  
BubblegumW's avatar
ShadowClaw175's avatar
this is pure awesomeness! the highlights make him look So real and his stare is breathtaking!
this is by far, one of my absolute favourite works! i love it and especially the way the colors are slightly fading away near to his tail and backlegs!

can you tell me what sort of pen you used for the outlines? they look AMAZING!
orcafreak's avatar
Stunning pic! I really like how the dragon seems to fade into the distance. Beautiful colours and details! :)
artshell's avatar
This is my favorite. What sort of pen did you use for pen black outline?
DeadlyCynder's avatar

hellos, where do you get the craft paper and gel pens? I really want to try out this style for myself.


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Ah... Wow I just love the way you draw dragons and animal toooooooo much. :happybounce:
Very, very beautiful 
Zedetta's avatar
oh, great... now i'm gonna be stuck in your gallery for ages, marvelling over all the pretteh things. *o*
Ask-Hetalia-Russia's avatar
Admin: Done on paper?? *o* Whoa...
DJP15's avatar
#Willin' to sacrifice!# XD

Stunning job here :D
vedabitsaha's avatar
cool! looks like a combo of dragoon from beyblade and that dragonair or some pokemon from Pokemon XD
VaylerSilv's avatar
Интересно вышел и этот. У этого взгляд даже с небольшим осуждением типо "зачем же вы, люди, пытаетесь напасть на нас?" или что-то вроде этого. Прекрасно.
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I dont know which I love the most, they are all so cute, great work
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