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Close to heaven

I wish I can fly..

Art © me :iconalviaalcedo:

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© 2011 - 2022 AlviaAlcedo
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What a fabulous dragon! Wow, like the real one. Respect for the author
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Pretty dragon (that’s red)
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It looks so real!! I love this <3
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Very beautiful. I really like the colors you used. The sky is really amazing. :)
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:-( I also want to know what it feels like to fly
I dream of it every day 
i found that if you close your eyes while on a swing set and imagine yourself souring it feel sooooo good maybe that is what it feels like to fly? hmmm 
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I love everything is this drawing. It is absolutely flawless, except for the wing lighting from the sun. Other than that... flawless
 omg i love it.
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and so do I. Flying would be amazing.
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Outstanding! The red sky is so beautiful and I love the design of the dragon. Nice little addition adding the other dragons in the background too
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One word-
Dragons.Pearl Emote 43 
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this literally just puts a big smile on my face. Thank you for sharing!
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10/10 would flying dragon again

no but for real this is amazing I wish I could do stuff like this
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  DeviantArt You make some pretty stuff! DeviantArt 
           Love Keep it up!Love 
CURSE YOU! Hope you have a good day Hug
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Flying is my biggest wish, but also my most impossible.
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i love dragons and this is a dragon in it's purest form
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Oooooo I love this!
Marvelous Dragon artwork! You use of wonderful colors is very transporting. The translucent effect of the dragons wings in your works, gives far more credence to the reality of their catching the winds and gliding upon them as their bodies are so often ponderous. I feel as if I am Lessa preparing to take flight to battle Thread. Well done, keep up your beautiful work!
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