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Amethyst dragoness

:icontransparentplz:The ametyst dragon- one of the strongest dragon wizards ever. They can wake up magic power in other creatures(and in humans too) just by one touch. And you can see reflection of your soul in their eyes..

This dragoness is using a magic of balance, it can be used only in dance.

Used:craft paper, colour pencils, gel ink pens

It's night in my city... I'm tired..a little^^ If you will find some mistakes in my "artists comments"- let me know:hug:

Background color was changed (from blue to light green-blue) and were added some white details on wings and dragoness body^^

:iconpinklilyplz:Download to the fullwiev!

Art © me :iconalviaalcedo:

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Ametyst dragon by AlviaAlcedo
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красивая колдунья)
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absolutely gorgeous!
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This is one of my favorite works among yours!
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You've inspired me to pick up drawing dragons again. Thank you :) for letting us into the world of your brilliant imagination.
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Wow, its wonderful! ^^
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Wow this a beautiful description of a dragon.
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This is just absolutely amazing. I have no words.
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Do you take art trades?
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I must do my previous art-trades firstly
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I love this one!!!
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only a moron wouldn't add u to watch!!!
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Amethyst is my real name!
Beutiful dragon, i find it interesting tht amethyst is a magic dragon. Amethysts are good for calming , peace of mind, and awaking ones spiritual clairvoyance.
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