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A Guardian of the dawn

:icontransparentplz:The dawn guardian
:icontransparentplz::icontransparentplz:...Was born to keep sunrise in your mind :heart:


:iconcuteheartplz:My father bought a Faber-Castell polychromos 60 set on my birthday, so all my ideas are turning around these pencils ^^; It's hard for me to stop colouring every sketch that I find in my home =D But yestarday I told myself, that it comes the time to draw something bigger A6 size picture.. For example, this dragon (21x21cm )

Materials used: craft paper, colour pencils, black and white gel ink pen

Art © me :iconalviaalcedo:


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so many dots! I love the dots XD
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Wow I love the colors in the wings!
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it is so pretty :)
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Goregous colours and patterns! Nice rock too. :D
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So pretty :3 I especially like the light blue spots on the wings cus it makes me think of dew in the morning~
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Amazing colouring :clap:
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can you teach me how to draw rocks like that i can draw dragons but not rocks or trees or anything like that
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It's hard to explain ^^;
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I love your dragons. What I like about this one most are the beautiful colours and the details. I also like the effect of the highlights which are not as bright as in some of your other works. You've got this "glowing" technique worked out perfectly, especially in the wings. The pose is really awesome too!
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Oooh, I really like this one! I love that craggy peak that you've set the dragon on; it's insanely detailed. In a way, this is kinda deceivingly simplistic. Well, compared to some of your other ones. But in terms of pattern, it's stunning. Just thinking of all of those teensy, weeny spots I would have had to make…*shudders* I think I'd probably get carpal tunnel…

But it's still amazing. Man, you have a lot of dedication! Out of curiosity, how long did this take you? :)

P.S.: I like the end of the dragon's tail; it's quite different from the other ones. Reminds me of a poisonous barb type of thing- nice change.
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You have a talent to write a beautiful comments :heart:
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Can I use the pose and enter it in our school art contest?
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Only for your school art contest and please if you will upload your drawing to DA give a link to my drawing.
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Okay! Thanks sooo much! :hug:
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Your artwork is featured in My Favorite Dragon Art Feature I do these because I love art and want to share my faves. Please fave this News thingy so that others will learn of it and more people will view the great art.
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