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Art Trade- For Alvaroshitheyoshi!

Blue Para-Yoshi with wings, tried to be a very sociable and friendly person especially without creating problems of either minor or major importance, I tried to solve things without fights or strong discussions, sometimes it is better to refrain from such things because they do not help much to be said. :)

I say this because lately I have been blocking users, I do not know if for pleasure or ignorance I made my person, please, if you are going to tell me that I did you wrong and some things, tried to be a peaceful person but sometimes I usually reject the blockages for Look like a stranger/unknown and it really isn't! I also try to respect me as I am and not for rudeness or anything like that, of course not!

Sometimes I think that creating new friendships is worth doing them either for tastes or other things apart, I am not sure if I do it because I like the drawings of some artists and I did not take advantage of that, I want to do it little by little without no hurry, I am also a person who has patience and does not like to ruin/rush some very important things, I stay out of mind in case of doubt. ^^

If someone is curious about how my character Yoshi is, you can take a look at my gallery or my favorites to find out how his design is, I do not say it because they are requests, art-trades or other things in particular, you never know, but It is worth it and tried to get more drawings of it though, giving credits to the respective artists and not feeling underrated and deceived.

I tried to update my biography of my ID so he doesn't feel so repetitive and with few words, i tried to make this look good and not as empty as it is supposed to see! :meow:

Social Networks/Places where I am more active in case someone wants to make friends with me!:

Discord: AlvaroshiTheYoshi#8245

Twitter: @AlvaroshiYT

YouTube: AlvaroshiYFC (AlvaroshiTheYoshi)

Facebook: Alvaroshii (Álvaro Pérez Arteaga)

My Puzzle & Dragons friend code/ID:

326,059,426 (Alvaroshi)

In this game my fams are trying to help me :iconKrytalon47: and :iconBunnyxbunny55: They are very friendly, and above all they draw very well and better than me! :D

Greetings! XD


-Finished my part by drawing Yoshiana (✓), waiting for that of :iconElementYoshi: (pending since 2017)

I would like to put something here in my biography and although it cannot be seen due to the amount of text written here, I am not a person who usually does a lot of Requests,Art-Trades, Collabs, I have a good enough art style to consider this type of thing and I do it more as a hobby than anything else, there are other artists who in my opinion do it better than me and it is not that I have an innate talent in the art since I was not born doing that kind of thing but other things and I always use the Paint program most of the time and I know that with this it might seem like someone minimalist to use programs like old-fashioned but I have my reasons for doing it and I'm not finished to get used to or rather to see me use as a graphic digital tablet those that are very fashionable lately and it is like something easy to draw but my hands do not have a very good pulse when it comes to doing that kind of thing and I am very lacking in the aspect of c creativity and imagination and other things that are said, sometimes the drawings that I want to go well tend to turn out very badly and it is not to my taste and I may seem fussy in that aspect, as I said I have my reasons for using few resources and not so much and my art style may never evolve and I like it that way since I am not obliged to do so and I am not a person who is in a rush and ends up hating this kind of thing whether you look at it or not.

The idea of a tablet was told to me by my sister but I said no and I prefer to draw as I have done a very long time ago, this may seem that it does not evolve and mature how my style is, I know that I am wasting an opportunity to draw better but I simply do not see that I will finally do that kind of thing and I am not one of those who promise that they will do something, I prefer to draw in Paint than something else I like or not, they are my personal likings and perhaps they may vary but not, I suddenly change like this just because.

Favourite Visual Artist
Favourite Movies
Inazuma Eleven,The Lion King,Doraemon,Avengers and Aladdin (Live-Action)
Favourite TV Shows
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters and GX,Inazuma Eleven and GO,Aladdin (TV Series)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Fort Minor,Scala,and Queen.
Favourite Books
Mortadelo Y Filemón,Superlópez,Boruto: Naruto Next Generations,One Piece and Dragon Ball Super.
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled,Mario Kart DS and Wii,Grand Theft Auto San Andreas,Minecraft (PC),Habbo and Puzzle & Dragons.
Favourite Gaming Platform
PS2,PS4,Nintendo 3DS,Wii,GameBoy Color and Advance.
Tools of the Trade
Traditional Way: Pencil, pencil sharpener, thin/thick wax pencils, markers, eraser, etc... Digital Way: Calligraphic Brush, sometimes the Pencil, although sometimes I entertain myself more with the first than the second. XD
Other Interests
Drawing,Listening Music,Watching Videos, and playing Puzzle & Dragons in my mobile. :)


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Well, I am not very into advertising contests but this has been like the exception, a person who is @AnimeLao809 she has asked me to do it, she wants to have more variety and that the contestants are interested in participating, and the prize or rather the incentive for those who win the contest will get 50 dollars, the most certain is that that money will be transferred to their PayPal accounts since I see it as the only way for something like that to happen. She has also told me to draw the winners, although to tell the truth I am not very good at art so I cannot promise anything since I feel that my style is not the best nor is it refined and polished in what I know. She refers to this kind of thing, but what I could do is also deliver llamas badges. I know that the contest is very simple and basic but I think it is the best instead of going through a hard and complex one to do. The date this contest begins, the hostess told me, plans to be this Friday, October 1 and it will end
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Well, I am only going to write this journal because I have two pendings art-trades for a very long time, and I would like to see those parts of these persons who are very busy, the first one does not connect (as far as I know) since the early of August 2017, so two years have passed and here I am still waiting, she told me back then that her style of drawing the Yoshis had improved a lot and did not compare to her old drawings and I would like to know if she could do it, too I had the intention of drawing more Yoshis in DeviantArt but for some reasons that I have not been able to ignore, he has not been able to publish it and it is a shame, b
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On behalf of the birthdays team, I sincerely apologize that your greeting has arrived late this year.

We hope you had an awesome day with lots of birthday fun, gifts, happiness and most definitely, lots of cake! Here's to another year!

Many well wishes and love from your friendly birthdays team.

This greeting was brought to you by @KoudelkaW

Thank you very much! It seems that you are the only one who remembered my birthday! xd

Thank you for the llama ☺