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Spring is here

Stream drawing, featuring some art with Dash and Tank :D (S5E5)
Its been a wonderful episode, a lot of character development on Rainbow Dash

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approx 6 hours

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Featured in Equestria Daily Drawfriends [28]
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My heart!  <3   Right in the feels!  
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Such beautiful lighting. 
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Shiny flower is shiny.
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I do not know what to say but AWESOME ^^
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no, you're awesome ;D
Alexwahlp's avatar
no way i am not ^^
Orcaboy15's avatar
........ ugh *sniff* ...i was'int crying....
Krazykira24's avatar
I love this! I cried so hard for the poor dears when winter came. Dash was so broken up about it. Finally their reunited and in such a beautiful little spot. Not that the happy friends have noticed yet. Hehe. So sweet.
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This is so awesome! :D
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1 Congrats on the Feature!
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This is beautiful, I love how you create the mood with the colors
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Aaaww... sooo beautiful...!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Nice! That episode sure was great.
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Wow, already a return fanart! I haven't expected this!
I thought the fandom would wait with that until Tank comes back.
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Given how much this episode seemed to imply what it would feel like to lose a pet without actually going that far, I can imagine full well how hard this must have been on Rainbow Dash. And I'm pretty sure that when Tank returns from hibernation, this is exactly how she's going to greet him.

You hit the nail right on the head with your expressions, and the sight of that single flower blooming amid the snow is a reminder that no matter how bleak and sad things seem, hope never truly fades--not completely.
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Wow. Excellent grasp of light sources and reflections. Feel the love here. Amazing work. Well done /)
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Oh wow! I left the livestream after a while, It turned out amazingly!!! 

<3 <3 <3
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Very beautiful I love it :D
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