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Episode 6 - Epic plot twist

By Alumx
Never underestimate yellow horse.
I think this represents episode pretty well :P

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***update v1***
Featured in Equestria Daily Drawfriends [2]
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Heh saving the day.
MLPegasis4898's avatar
Haha! Yeah! That was an epic plot twist for sure... a scene to remember :lol: :lol: :lol:
Alumx's avatar
xD episode in a nutshell
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Ahahaha. Flutter Shy was awesome in this episode xD
Alumx's avatar
yellow gentle pony is not so yellow anymore
nor gentle...
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Stop hating AJ! Draw her mouth normally, чёрт побери!
Alumx's avatar
Once double chin
forever double chin
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Its your fault
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"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! I wasn't done paying it yet!!!!!!!"

Too late. Turn good mane-iac.

Awesome work
Alumx's avatar
Lets hope her insurance can pay up for everything
cajobif's avatar
If she got one first.

Insurance agent: Excuse me... You want to insure what?
Mane-iac: A... huge manedryer.
IA: Uh... And of what use you will make of it, Miss Mane-iac?
M: Uh... d-dry manes?
IA: You need an manedryer of this size for drying one pony's mane?
M: One pony? Oh no. Several at a time. It's... umm... faster and... uh... m-more productive.
IA: And into a beauty sal- *sigh* Miss Mane-iac?
M: Yes?
IA: We have a special plan for villains.
M: What? I'm not a...
IA: Don't worry miss, the plan have been specially made for you and your kind. It covers everything. Except one thing.
M: Uh, which is it?
IA: It doesn't cover the destruction of your "weapon of mass destruction" by a hero, anti-hero or any good pony or good rightous being of any other kind.
M: Then, why I would pay for your insurance?
IA: Simple. No other insurance company would cover you. And the premium isn't too high. It even covers you in case of water damage. So?
M: *sigh* I take it.
IA: Excellent. An agent will contact you shortly.
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oh my, its GIGANTIC :RunAway: 
Awesome indeed!
Alumx's avatar
You know my size standards u.u
and thanks ^^
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It needs dragons to be truly epic...
Oh wait we got spike!
Jason-D3's avatar
Bleh. Flutterhulk.

Great drawing by the way.
Alumx's avatar
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I'm sorry if I'm the lone occupant in the sea of Flutterhulk fanboys/girls, but it just didn't appeal to me to see Fluttershy in that manner. I just... don't think The Hulk is a good superpower for her. I'm not adverse to the concept of Fluttershy expressing anger in some way or form (something made evident since Dragonshy), but having her become a destructive, rampaging monster over a firefly was just taking things a little too far.

I just didn't like it.
Alumx's avatar
And that's good to have different opinions!
I thought it was really funny, they definitely took advantage of her personality to give the power that would contrast most with it xD
starmic's avatar
love the tecniques you used

  its my life its now or never i aint gonna live forever
Alumx's avatar
Thanks :3
and nobody lives forever!
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