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Deer Princess Celestia

By Alumx
Happy late new year wheeee....

Luna is so punny
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These two are always cute together <3
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I like this style. Another!
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Haha! Oh, Luna... :aww: :aww: :aww:
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That, combined with celestia's bad sense of humour, may be the reason why she was sent to the moon :P
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Silly winged unicorns :D
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hehe :3 thanks!
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:iconcelestiaunamusedplz::iconsaysplz:Diplomatic relations with the deer kingdom are already strained. We don't need you creating an incident.
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:iconluna-lol: :iconsaysplz: But sister, you MOOSE look at yourself right now, you look simply adorable
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:iconmlpdiscordplz: ":popcorn: ... Oh. Don't mind me. I'm just here for the show. :iconhugegrinplz:"
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Celestia would have to sensually punish her sister.
They're not blood related.
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Until the show counters it they are blood related, living with their parents in the castle found in what is now the Everfree Forest. Also honestly, even if they are not, incest is incest even if not blood related. Don't make excuses and just enjoy it. -smile-
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Until the show counters it they are both without parents.
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They are blood related, I am certain the current staff would agree to that much at least.
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Nope, when it comes to the first season, what Lauren Faust says go unless countered in future episodes. As such, until proven otherwise, the royal sisters do have parents
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~And since we're not related it'll be okay~
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Luna: By side of those pranks you made me, this is merely harmless.
Celestia: *grumbles* I don't know where you got that super glue for those woods. Even my magic can't remove them! But be sure I'll get you back!
Luna: Oh! Calm down, sister. It's hearth's warming eve! You should be happy. Smile. We have other presents to open.
Celestia: *sigh* You are right, sister. It can wait.... another day.
Luna: Yes. Now, be a... deer and bring me this package here.
Celestia: Okay, here you.....Argh!!!!!
Luna: Hehehehahahaha!

BEautiful work
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Lmfao I get it LOL Luna
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deer.. XD
someone had to do it XDD
awesome picture and i love how both look XD
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Why thank you ^^
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haha so cute ^_^
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