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By Alumx
It was a sketch for 30 min challenge, but then I liked it and finished up!

***add info***
PS CS6       

***update v1***
Featured in Equestria Daily Drawfriends [1] Woah already? ._.
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Quite graceful!
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How do I know that is not Joe in that cup instead of tea? ;)
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Lot of cozy art starting to come out of the woodwork. Must be the time of year.
Alumx's avatar there winter because celestia spends too much time in front of a fireplace instead of rising the sun?
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To bad Celestia hates tea.
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How can she hate a drink made of sun?
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This is so beautiful and comforting! I love the warm glow of the fire since it's getting kinda cold these few days!
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:3 I tried to capture that warm atmosphere contrasting to cold rimlight!
and yep!
winter's here~
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After this first day of snowdrop of the season, that is comforting.

BEautiful work.

Tonight's header btw.…
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Thank you,  glad you like it!

and yes, I've noticed it .3. it was a surprise!
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Now, imagine the state of the roads in town. And the traffic with people with cars without winter tires.

Yeah. The season just began and comforting times will grow in number.
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The atmosphere is very soothing, similar to the tea. clap remake 1b 
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Hehe :3 Glad you enjoyed it!
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