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Bob Ross Challenge - Episode 2

By Alumx
Warm up exercise
Now back to more drawing!

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Wow!  This is really beautiful!
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Amazing piece, made only better by drawing inspiration from the legend Bob Ross
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Wow yeah landscapes are good
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Looks great. :)
reminds me of bob ross wet- technique.
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yep! Mixer brush can simulate that effect really well if you know how to use it :3
(which I don't , yet)
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.. oh this one s digital?^^
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better, i have to say
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Oooohhh, this one is really good. I loooove the blue shadows on the mountains. Much better than your past challenges. This one has very clear form, the composition is good, and all the different pieces look good. The shrubbery looks a lot more like shrubbery in this piece. Celestia looks fantastic as well. The atmosphere and clouds look great, especially how it's lighter around the mountains.

Yeah. Really great. Seriously nice work.

One tip I'll give you to get rid of that "brush separation" look that happens (you can see it on your rightmost cloud, where the brush is making separations), is to go into brush settings and turn "spacing" way down. It'll make the brush strokes look more even. Unless you want the brush separation effect. If you do want to use the brush separation effect for shrubbery, maybe try putting a little bit of scatter on as well.
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Well the big distinction between this challenge and previous ones is the fact that it took 5 times more time ^^"
In this one I really took time, paused the video, to experiment and achieve same effect, that's why it looks way more solid (in previous ones I just drew at the same time as video played without pauses)

So yep! Its really not that hard to follow someone else's painting, since you don't need to do any thinking at all, but this is a great way to master brushwork in photoshop! (and also learn from the masters how to paint)
I feel like I'm learning and that what matters :3

About brush spacing problem, yep I noticed it, and its intended! If I make spacing way too short, it makes brush way more agressive and can slow the pc down ( specially when you work on big resolution)
And  I made sure that this spacing problem only happened where it couldn't computerize the drawing.

I'm sure that with more practice I'll get rid of this effect at all.
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Yeah, I did notice that you took a lot more time on this one. Mastering your brushes is always a good thing

And yeah, putting it too low does lag the pc a lot. It's just a balance between computer processing and looks. It's not that bad in this one, I was just wondering if it was intended
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Having a warm up drawing before really diving in is a good routine :3
helps you get all the sleepiness from your muscles out
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What's the deal? ^^"
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It's sooooo goooood!  Nuu 
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Just a happy little accident :3
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